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The Seattle Bowl logo was very dynamic. You could feel the implied motion in the way the basketball was depicted and, even more, in the two large blue curves surrounding it from both sides.

And yet, the lettering below looked pretty static, and in this respect, it failed to support the pictorial part of the logo. Nevertheless, there was a certain agreement between the depiction of the football and the word “Seattle” due to the curved angles.

Meaning and history

Seattle Bowl Logo history

Initiated in 2001, the Seattle Bowl marked its entry into the collegiate football scene, adding a new dimension to American post-season college football. This event was the brainchild of sports enthusiasts who sought to celebrate and elevate the essence of college football. The Seattle Bowl was not just a game; it was a festival of youthful talent and competitive spirit.

During its brief but vibrant existence, the Seattle Bowl hosted memorable confrontations between college football teams, etching its name in the annals of the sport. It stood as a testament to the emerging talents in college football, offering them a national stage to shine. The event underscored the significance and excitement of post-season games, attracting diverse teams and unifying fans in the spirit of the sport.

However, the journey of the Seattle Bowl was a fleeting one. After its final game in 2002, the bowl ceased operations, leaving behind a legacy of exhilarating football and spirited competition. Its ephemeral lifespan notwithstanding, the Seattle Bowl is fondly remembered for its contribution to the vibrancy and dynamism of college football.

What is Seattle Bowl?
The Seattle Bowl, operational between 2001-2002, stands as a memorable chapter in college football history. It was a post-season event that celebrated collegiate football spirit, offering teams a platform for national exposure and competition. Though its existence was brief, the Seattle Bowl’s impact on American college football remains noteworthy.


Seattle Bowl Logo-2001
The initial logo for Seattle Bowl was introduced in 2001 and featured a clean and modern composition with the brown rugby ball enclosed into a frame of two horizontally set blue and white swoosh-like orbits, set above the two-leveled inscription in black sans-serif capitals. The upper text-line was executed in a fancy custom narrowed font, with its tall letters shadowed, while the bottom line had its letters extended and placed a bit far from each other, being outlined in light purple. There was also a solid blue ellipsoid with a white “2001” datemark, placed above the inscription and under the emblem, on the left side of the badge.


Seattle Bowl Logo

The life of the Seattle Bowl was pretty short – it was played only in 2001 and 2002 as a continuation of the Oahu Bowl. It used to be held between college football teams from the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Pacific-10 Conference.

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