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One of the most obvious emoji from the standard set is the Angry Face Emoji. This emoji expresses anger, rage, anger, and extreme irritation. This emoji looks like a red face with frowning eyebrows and an angry curved mouth.

The Angry Face emoticon was assigned the code U+1F621, with which it was added to the “Faces and Emotions” section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010. This emoticon has no gender differences or alternate skin color options.

Meaning of the Angry Face Emoji

As we noted earlier, the meaning of the Angry Face emoji is extremely obvious. This pouty red face reflects the extreme spectrum of negative emotions – hatred, rage, and fury. This emoji denotes unconcealed anger, which is reflected both in the expression of the face and in its color.

The Angry Face Emoji is very rarely used figuratively, but it can also be seen in humorous messages as a badge of “fake” offense or anger.

Angry Face Emoji

The Use of the Angry Face Emoji

The red frown emoticon is used to depict overwhelming anger and rage. It is most often used in messages when there are not enough words to express rage. Another meaning – is unconcealed, open anger at a person, his actions, or words, which can be extremely unpleasant and offensive to the interlocutor.

This emoji carries negative emotions, but can sometimes be used in a joking tone when you pretend to be offended by a person. Or, for example, when you are angry with yourself if something has not worked out.


The red face conveys a spectrum of emotions saturated with negativity – rage, hatred, fury. This angry emoticon stands for resentment, irritation, anger, and rage. It is used as a reaction to something unpleasant. Most often it means strong anger, which you can no longer hide.