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One of the most obvious emoji from the standard set is the Angry Face Emoji. This emoji expresses anger, rage, anger, and extreme irritation. This emoji looks like a red face with frowning eyebrows and an angry curved mouth.

The Angry Face emoticon was assigned the code U+1F621, with which it was added to the “Faces and Emotions” section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010. This emoticon has no gender differences or alternate skin color options.

What is meaning this emoji 😡?
The 😡 emoji is widely used to express severe displeasure or rage, incorporating a visual language that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers. This emoji is part of Unicode, making it a universal symbol for frustration that can be understood across different platforms and devices. Its design, including features such as a yellow face with a frowning mouth and visible teeth, conveys an intense emotion that is easily recognizable. The representation of this emoji is protected under copyright law, with its imagery being a registered trademark of companies such as Apple Inc., and is also acknowledged as trademarks of Google Inc., symbolizing its legal recognition and significance in digital communication. This emoji is a key design element in various expression categories, including cartoon emoji and cute emoticons, which enrich online interactions by allowing for a more nuanced expression of feelings.

Meaning of the Angry Face Emoji

As we noted earlier, the meaning of the Angry Face emoji is extremely obvious. This pouty red face reflects the extreme spectrum of negative emotions – hatred, rage, and fury. This emoji denotes unconcealed anger, which is reflected both in the expression of the face and in its color.

The Angry Face Emoji is very rarely used figuratively, but it can also be seen in humorous messages as a badge of “fake” offense or anger.

Angry Face Emoji

The Use of the Angry Face Emoji

The red frown emoticon is used to depict overwhelming anger and rage. It is most often used in messages when there are not enough words to express rage. Another meaning – is unconcealed, open anger at a person, his actions, or words, which can be extremely unpleasant and offensive to the interlocutor.

This emoji carries negative emotions, but can sometimes be used in a joking tone when you pretend to be offended by a person. Or, for example, when you are angry with yourself if something has not worked out.

What is a 😡?
The emoji 😡, often associated with strong feelings of anger or frustration, is a digital icon that forms an integral part of our online communication. This particular emoji is characterized by its yellow face, symbolizing a wide range of human emotions. In Samsung’s design, the 😡 emoji is presented with a frowning mouth and teeth showing, highlighting a more intense level of anger. This emoji is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., Google Inc., and is also a trademark of Microsoft Corporation, showcasing its copyright protection and recognition across the United States and globally. As a part of Unicode, it represents a universal language for emoji images, allowing for optimal printing and display across devices. Whether used in social media platforms, digital chat icons, or as part of a phone personalization app, the 😡 emoji adds a vivid layer of emotional expression to our global communications.


The red face conveys a spectrum of emotions saturated with negativity – rage, hatred, fury. This angry emoticon stands for resentment, irritation, anger, and rage. It is used as a reaction to something unpleasant. Most often it means strong anger, which you can no longer hide.

What does 😠 mean?
The 😠 emoji signifies a level of anger or dissatisfaction, incorporating elements such as a yellow face and, in certain designs like google’s design, a frowning mouth to convey disapproval. As part of Unicode, this emoji benefits from additional emoji descriptions that enhance its interpretative range, catering to a variety of expressions and serving as a versatile tool in digital chat icons and internet dating. The use of this emoji is subject to copyright laws, with its images being the trademarks of respective creators like Google Inc. and Microsoft Corporation. It provides a colorful flat design element that enhances online communication by allowing users to express a broad spectrum of different emotions, from displeasure to outright anger.

What does this emoji mean 🤬?
The 🤬 emoji, often referred to as the “cursing face” or “swearing emoji,” captures a moment of extreme anger or frustration. It is a vibrant part of our digital lexicon, encapsulated within the framework of Unicode, ensuring its widespread availability across different devices and operating systems, such as those developed by Apple Inc., Google Inc., and Microsoft Corporation. This emoji features a distinctive representation of anger, with elements such as a yellow face and exaggerated facial expressions, like teeth clenching, to emphasize the intensity of the emotion. The inclusion of this emoji in various sets of editable stroke and vector illustration collections speaks to its versatility and significance in expressing a range of human emotions, from mild irritation to profound anger, making it an indispensable tool in the arsenal of digital communication.