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While the bowl game known as the Redbox Bowl was first played in 2002, it has adopted the current name and brand identity only in 2018. Previously, it was called the San Francisco Bowl, the Emerald Bowl, the Fight Hunger Bowl, and the Foster Farms Bowl.

Meaning and history

Redbox Bowl, originally established by Redbox, an American video rental company founded in 2002, has evolved significantly since its inception. The Redbox Bowl, initially known as the Foster Farms Bowl and later renamed, emerged as a prominent college football bowl game, played annually in Santa Clara, California. This event, initially launched to create a unique blend of sports entertainment and brand promotion, quickly garnered attention in the collegiate sports arena.

Throughout its history, the Redbox Bowl has achieved notable milestones. It has been recognized for featuring teams from some of the most prestigious college football conferences, such as the Pac-12 and the Big Ten. These matchups have often included teams with significant fan bases and storied histories, contributing to the bowl’s growing prestige. Additionally, the Redbox Bowl has been instrumental in providing a platform for upcoming football talents, helping to spotlight future professional players.

In its current position, the Redbox Bowl continues to hold a significant place in the college football landscape. While it has undergone various changes, including sponsorship and branding shifts, its core mission remains the same: to deliver a high-quality football experience that entertains fans and supports the development of student-athletes. Today, the Redbox Bowl is not just a game; it’s a celebration of college football, a stage for emerging talents, and a testament to Redbox’s innovative approach to combining entertainment with sports.

What is Redbox Bowl?
The Redbox Bowl is a renowned annual college football game, a key event in the post-season sports calendar. It represents a collaboration between collegiate sports and corporate sponsorship, showcasing teams from major football conferences in a highly anticipated matchup.

The Logo

Logo Redbox Bowl

The current Redbox Bowl logo is dominated by red. The color choice seems pretty natural, if you take into consideration the name of the game and the logo design of the title sponsor, Redbox Automated Retail LLC – it is also red. The typeface in which the word “Redbox” is given is the same as that on the Redbox logo.

Below, you can see the word “Bowl,” while above the wordmark a large red football can be seen.

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