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The design of the Camellia Bowl logo has been heavily influenced by the emblem of Raycom Media, a major owner of television stations in the southeastern US, as the company has sponsored the game since its inception in 2014.

Meaning and history

Camellia Bowl Logo history
The first Camellia Bowl game was played in 2014 in Montgomery, Alabama, and since then has never changed its location. Throughout the years the bowl has changed its name several times, and this time it was because of the new sponsor. Thus, from 2014 — 2018 the game was known as the Raycom Media Camellia Bowl, which was changed to Camellia Bowl in 2019, and to TaxAct Camellia Bowl in 2021.
The Camellia Bowl game takes place on the Cramton Bowl Stadium, an arena in Montgomery, which was built at the beginning of the 1920s, and today has a capacity of 25 thousand seats.

What is Camellia Bowl?
Camellia Bowl is the annual college football bowl, established in 2014 in Alabama. The bowl is a part of the NCAA and has its games played on the Cramton Bowl Stadium in Montgomery, Alabama.


Camellia Bowl Logo 2014
The very first Camellia Bowl logo was created in 2014 and became a basis for all the further redesigns. It was a blue and red composition with a beautifully stylized emblem: a red circle with white elements around its perimeter, which made it look like a Camellia flower, and several white stitched in the center, resembling a rugby ball. The emblem was set on the left from the blue wordmark on several levels. The main inscription was set in a stylized serif font, having the “Camellia” part in thin lines, and the “Bowl” in extra-thick ones. Above the wordmark another two lines of lettering were set: the bold italicized “Raycom” in blue with the cursive red “Media”, which had the tail of the vertical “M” bar elongated and stretched to the left, underlining the upper level. As for the tagline of the badge, it was composed of a red “2014” and blue “Montgomery, Alabama” in small capitals.

2015 – 2017

Camellia Bowl Logo 2015
The redesign of 2015 kept the Camellia Bowl red and blue badge untouched, just removed the tagline, and it changed a lot. The badge became lighter and more stylish, with all the elements and colors well-balanced, and the contours clean and strong.


Camellia Bowl Logo 2018
The Raycom media logo dominates the design. Below it, you can see the lettering “Camellia Bowl” in the shade of gray borrowed from the Raycom palette. To the left, there is a large abstract picture in red and white representing several things at once. You can guess that this is the flower of camellia, which gave its name to the game, and also a red football flying forward.

2019 – 2020

Camellia Bowl Logo 2019
The iconic blue and red badge from the early years of the Bowl came back in 2019. This time it was only the stylized red and blue rugby-flower, set on the left from the two-leveled inscription, where the medium-weight “Camellia” in all capitals of a rounded serif typeface was set above the heavy “Bowl” in the same font, but larger letters and bolder lines.


Camellia Bowl Logo 2021
The composition of the Camellia Bowl logo was changed in 2021, and the new sponsor logotype was added to the badge. Now the two leveled inscription was underlined by the red “Montgomery, Alabama” in all caps, and had the “TaxAct” corporate badge in black and red placed on top of the badge. As for the Camellia emblem, it was gone from the left part of the logo, but now two small camellias were set on the sides of the “Camellia” lettering. Another change of 2021 was in the switch of the blue shade in the logo. The new shade is lighter and smoother.

2022 – Today

Camellia Bowl logo
The redesign of 2022 has simplified the Camellia Bowl logo, deleting the sponsorship inscription from the composition, and keeping just two-leveled lettering in blue, placed against a white background, with the top line decorated by two small red camellia flowers, and the whole badge underlined by a red “Montgomery, Alabama” tagline.

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