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The Sugar Bowl is one of the three second-oldest bowl games in the US. The first game was played in 1935. Today, it is an annual college football bowl game played in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Meaning and history

Sugar Bowl Logo history

1993 – 2000

Sugar Bowl Logo-1993

2000 – 2006

Sugar Bowl Logo-2000

2007 – 2008

Sugar Bowl Logo-2007

2009 – Today

Sugar Bowl Logo


The Sugar Bowl logo has been heavily affected by that of the Allstate Insurance, which has been the main sponsor since 2007. At the very top of the 2009 version of the logo, you can the two hands, which have been borrowed from the Allstate Insurance logo. The lettering “Allstate” in white below also reminds about the sponsor. You can also see the word “Sugarbowl” (without the space) in red. It is given in a narrower typeface. On the background, there is a large grey two-handled cup.