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The Sugar Bowl is one of the three second-oldest bowl games in the US. The first game was played in 1935. Today, it is an annual college football bowl game played in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Meaning and history

Sugar Bowl Logo history

1993 – 2000

Sugar Bowl Logo-1993
The first sugar bowl championship took part in 1993, under the Nokia sponsorship. The logo of the bowl was based on two different insignias — the minimalistic blue Nokia logotype in its corporate style, and the dark pink emblem with the cursive “Sugar Bowl” inscription. The emblem featured a square with rounded angles, which had a gray ornate cup image on it and numerous thin and sharp rays in light pink coming up from the bottom part of the emblem.

2000 – 2006

Sugar Bowl Logo-2000
In 2000 the logo was redesigned, keeping the Nokia logotype as one of the central elements of the badge. Now the blue lettering on a white background was set above the bold gradient red “Sugar Bowl”, with its bottom border arched up. The banner with the wordmarks was placed over the silver-gray image of a cup, which was set on a bright yellow background with colorful confetti in different shapes.

2007 – 2008

Sugar Bowl Logo-2007
The gray cup with a thick yellow outline remained untouched in 2007, while the banner with the logotypes got changed. The first and main thing of the year was a new sponsor — Nokia got replaced by Allstate. This, the white Allstate logo in the corporate style was now set on blue background above the voluminous red “Sugar Bowl” lettering in massive sans-serif capital letters in a thin white outline. The blue rounded medallion with the Allstate emblem drawn on it in thin white lines was set on the upper part of the badge, glued to the top border of the logotype banner.

2009 – Today

Sugar Bowl Logo
The Sugar Bowl logo has been heavily affected by that of the Allstate Insurance, which has been the main sponsor since 2007. At the very top of the 2009 version of the logo, you can the two hands, which have been borrowed from the Allstate Insurance logo. The lettering “Allstate” in white below also reminds about the sponsor. You can also see the word “Sugarbowl” (without the space) in red. It is given in a narrower typeface. On the background, there is a large grey two-handled cup.