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Emoji are specific ideograms based on the Unicode standard. People use these icons to add expressiveness and emotion to communication that cannot be conveyed with text and punctuation alone. The very first set of emoji was invented in 1999 by Shigetaka Kurita. He developed it for the Japanese telephone operator NTT DoCoMo on the first mobile Internet platform, i-mode.

In addition to the classic set of emoji recognized by Unicode and available for various operating systems with minimal differences, there is also such a category of emoji as Cursed Emoji. And they appeared as long as 20 years after the first emoji.

What is a Cursed Emoji?
Cursed emoji is a set of funny icons created by various internet users. The number of them is incalculable, as everyone can create their own emoji. However, there is also a kind of unspoken rating of cursed emojis, and some of them are used by millions.

The icons from this set are characterized by their non-ideality. Some emojis look frankly ugly and frightening, which, in fact, people like.

The most popular Cursed Emoji

Let’s trace the popularization of cursed emojis with an example of the most famous ones.

Where do Cursed Emoji come from?
In June 2019, cursed emojis spread beyond Deviant and Tumblr, where they were created and previously used. The first full-fledged set of Cursed emoji was composed by a Twitter user in the same, 2019. The emojis quickly became Mega-popular internet memes and went viral across the web. and already in a month, there was a separate Twitter account created for collecting the most notable cursed emojis and their modifications.

Fuckboy Face

Fuckboy Face Emoji

It is an emoji with a facial expression in which a person raises his eyebrows, covers his eyes, and bites his lower lip. Originally reflected in the Fuckboy Face emoji, it eventually became a trend in Tiktok. This emoji is based on the Lip Bite emoji, where a yellow man bites his lower lip. An unknown author added a baseball cap and a hand at the chin to this face. This, according to many, is what fuckboys look like. The smiley face with the fuckboy went viral on Twitter, it was quickly promoted to a meme. People started making artwork based on the emoji.

Screen-Reaching Emoji

Definitely, one of the most popular cursed emojis ever. It looks really creepy, depicting an indifferent yellow round face with a human hand coming from it to the screen as if it is going to grab you and get into its scary imaginary world. The face of this cursed emoji is based on another super popular icon — the Stressed Emoji.

Screen-Reaching Emoji

Stressed Emoji

One of the basic faces in the Cursed Emoji set. It is a yellow circular face with large bloodshot eyes, set in the middle of the emoji and glued to each other. The scary eyes are accompanied by a straight horizontal line of the mouth, also elongated and drawn in an orange shade. This emoji, also known as the Hyperfentilating face, was also created by the Twitter user and went viral in 2019.