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Today we want to draw your attention to one of the most colorful emoji from the standard Unicode set, the Rainbow Emoji, and talk about its two very different meanings, because lately this icon is far from being used as a personification of a wonderful natural phenomenon. Also below you will find some rather curious information about what the rainbow means in different cultures.

🌈 The Rainbow Emoji was assigned the code U+1F308, with which it was added to the Places and Travels section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

Meaning of the Rainbow Emoji

Rainbow is an impressive celestial phenomenon, its appearance together with the first spring rains is a sign of the rebirth of nature, the arrival of summer, the beneficial union of earth and sky, and the magnificent colors that shine rainbow, in the view of the ancestors were a precious attire in which the heavenly deity is clothed.

Rainbow Emoji

Rainbow symbolizes the transformation, heavenly glory, the throne of the god of Heaven, the meeting of Heaven and Earth, the bridge or boundary between the worlds. In many cultures, it has been a sign of God’s infinite mercy and love for people.

  • In China, the rainbow is a heavenly dragon, the union of Heaven and Earth, a sign of the union of yin and yang.
  • In ancient India, the rainbow is the bow of Indra, the thunder god; moreover, in Hinduism and Buddhism, the “rainbow body” is the highest yogic state attainable in the realm of samsara.
  • In Islam, the rainbow consists of four colors – red, yellow, green and blue – corresponding to the four elements.
  • In some African myths with the rainbow is identified with the heavenly snake, which serves as a guardian of treasures or covers the ring of the Earth.
  • American Indians identify the rainbow with a ladder, which can be climbed to another world. The Inca rainbow was associated with the sacred Sun, and the Inca rulers wore her image on their coats of arms and emblems.
  • In ancient Greece, the goddess of the rainbow was the virgin Irida, messenger of the gods, she is depicted with wings and kaducei. Her garments are shimmering colors of the rainbow dew drops.
  • In Christianity, the rainbow symbolized forgiveness, a pact between God and man, a sign that from now on there will be no more Flood. The World Judge at the end of the world is often depicted sitting on a rainbow. In the Christian symbolism of the Middle Ages, the three main colors of the rainbow are interpreted as images of the Flood (blue), the world fire (red) and the new earth (green), and the seven colors as images of the seven sacraments and the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.

In addition to all of the above, the rainbow has been the symbol of LGBT for more than 30 years. Representatives of sexual minorities owe this idea to the American artist Gilbert Baker. He was the first to suggest using this coloring for the flag, which today can be seen at all gay pride parades.

There are several versions of why Baker used the colors of the rainbow:

  • The first refers us to the “Stonewall riots” – riots in the New York bar Stonewall, where gays clashed with the police in June 1969. One night, homosexuals came to the establishment after the funeral of actress Judy Garland, who played the girl Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and sang the song “Over the Rainbow.” To them, Judy was an “icon” of the gay movement. This song was sung by visitors during confrontations with cops.
  • According to another version, Baker borrowed the idea of a flag with five multicolored horizontal stripes from anti-war activists. Such a flag was popular with hippies, one of whose heroes was the pioneer of the gay movement writer Allen Ginsberg. Under his influence, the artist became infected with the idea of the rainbow cloth.
  • Baker himself in an interview with the Museum of Modern Art said that the rainbow means a combination of different genders, races, ages and other characteristics inherent in each person. It demonstrates that our differences are natural – just as the rainbow itself is natural in the sky.

Emoji Rainbow

The Use of the Rainbow Emoji

Many people usually use this emoticon directly to convey the rainbow they see in the sky. In addition, the rainbow emoticon can mean fabulousness and a variety of colors. This emoticon denotes emotions such as joy, well, or happiness, or just a good mood.

The rainbow icon can also be used by a person who hopes for a bright future. Often this emoticon denotes a good and cheerful mood, something joyful and happy.

The same emoticon can also indicate that the person is in solidarity with the LGBT community, it does not necessarily support them, it can be just a tolerant user.


The rainbow is a symbol of renewal and joy after inclement weather. The rainbow flag today is a symbol of the great diversity of people, cultures, religions and universal tolerance towards each other. Moreover, the rainbow serves as one of the important symbols in world religions and cultures.

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