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Quake is a first shooter game, which was first released in 1996 and by today has four sequels, which have versions for all the consoles and computer operating systems. Quake is considered to be one of the most popular shooting games ever.

Meaning and history

Quake logo

The Quake visual identity has become iconic and instantly recognizable all over the globe. Its elegant symbol looks evil and sinister, showing the game’s essence and nature.

The Quake logo is composed of a wordmark and an emblem, which takes the main part of the game’s visual identity.

All capital letters of the Quake nameplate are executed in a sophisticated serif type-face, with thin lines, which are partially erased. The font named Quake was designed by Dead Pete, a game’s fan. The first letter of the wordmark is replaced by the famous Quake emblem.

The Quake emblem is a stylized interpretation of the letter “Q”, which is composed of a horseshoe-shaped figure with its ends pointing up and a vertically located nail, crossing its bottom part and pointing down.

In different sequels the vertical line is replaced by two or three of them, forming Roman numerals, showing the II or III parts of the popular game.

The Quake symbol resembles of the staff of the Satan, a historical symbol, signifying torture and the hellfire.


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