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Plan is the name of an international non-profit organization, which was established in 1937 with the idea to fight for the right of children all over the globe. Today it operates in more than 70 countries and is focused on not only kids’ protection, but also gender equality and girls’ rights.

Meaning and history

Plan logo

The Plan International visual identity is unique and memorable. It’s traditional for non-profit organizations blue and white color palette doesn’t make it boring, the logo still looks strong and is instantly recognizable all over the globe.

The Plan logo is composed of an emblem and a wordmark, which are sometimes drawn in white and set in one line on a white background, but more often — in blue, with lettering placed under the enlarged emblem.

The emblem is composed of a stylized childish drawing of a kid and the sun placed in a very thick blue circular frame. It shows the happy childhood and the warmth, which the organization tends to give to all the kids in the world.

The wordmark in the title case is written in the same blue color and also featured extra thick lines, which looks balanced and not overloading. It is executed in a bold rounded sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to such fonts as Big Softie and VAG Rounded Next ExtraBlack, but with the letter, “A” modified and softened.

The Plan logo is something kind and very optimistic. It shows the organization’s purpose and intentions and makes you believe everything is possible.