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The Pinstripe Bowl is an NCAA Division I FBS college football bowl game. It is played in The Bronx, New York City. The first season took place in 2010

Meaning and history

Pinstripe Bowl Logo history
The Pinstripe Bowl logo is pretty cluttered. It looks best at larger sizes, while at smaller sizes it is barely decipherable.

What is Pinstripe Bowl?
Pinstripe Bowl is one of the NCAA Division I intercollegiate American football Bowl games, held annually since 2010 on the Yankee Stadium in New York. The Howl is also known as the New Era Pinstripe Bowl, in honor of its sponsor, the New Era company.

2010 – 2011

Pinstripe Bowl Logo 2010

The centerpiece of the emblem is the lettering “Pinstripe Bowl” in a serif font. The letters are white on the dark blue background. Above, you can see a football and the logo of the New Era Cap Company, which has been the official sponsor since 2010.

While the structure and the overall look of the emblem have remained unchanged through the years, there has been some playing around with the palette and details.

2012 – 2021

Pinstripe Bowl Logo 2012
The logo, which Pinstripe Bowl started using in 2012, looks pretty much the same as the original version, fully repeating its composition and style. The only difference here is in the New Era insignia, placed on top of the logo. If in the original version its left half was white and right — blue, now it is vice versa: the left square features a solid blue background with the white symbol of the brand, while the right square is plain white, and the New Era logotype, written on it in two levels, is executed in navy blue.

2022 – Today

Pinstripe Bowl logo
The redesign of 2022 has introduced a completely different badge for the Pinstripe Bowl. The new concept is based on a shape of a crest with a rounded bottom part, where the top line is decorated with a white fence, taken from the previous badges of the bowl. In the center of the fence, there is now a circular blue medallion with an orange silhouette of a bulldog, supported by the orange “Bad Boy Mowers” lettering in a stylish modern sans-serif. As for the name of the bowl, it is set in blue serif capitals on a white arched ribbon, at the bottom of the badge, above the “Yankee Stadium” lettering, and half of a gray and white football.

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