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The logo of the post-season college football bowl game the Quick Lane Bowl has been influenced by its title sponsor, the Dearborn-based Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center.

Meaning and history

Quick Lane Bowl Logo history

Quick Lane Bowl was first played in 2014 in Detroit, Michigan. This annual post-season bowl, affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association, is backed by the NFL member, the Detroit Lions football club, and sponsored by the Ford Motor Company, one of most influential business players in Michigan. Apart from the NCAA, Quick Lane Bowl is affiliated with the Big Ten and MAC conferences and has its games held at the Ford Field stadium.

What is Quick Lane Bowl?
Quick Lane Bowl is the name of an annual post-season football game, which was established in Detroit in 2014, and has been sponsored by the Ford Motor Company since the very beginning. The bowl game is affiliated with the National  Collegiate Athletic Association.

2014 – 2019

Quick Lane Bowl Logo 2014

The original Quick Lane Bowl logo, introduced in 2014, stayed untouched for the first five seasons of the game. It was a solid blue crest in a bold orange outline, crossed by a horizontal banner in the same palette, where the white and orange inscription in two lines was set. The top part of the badge was decorated by a white tire with a rugby ball flying out of it, and the icons of the two conferences, Big Ten, and ACC, were set on the sides of the image.

2021 – Today

Quick Lane Bowl logo

The 2019 Quick Lane Bowl logo features a stylized tire with a football flying into it. Below, there is the logo of the sponsor paired with the lettering “Quick Lane Bowl” in an italicized sans. The word “Detroit” can be seen below.

Logo Quick Lane Bowl

The overall shape of the logo can be described as a flattened shield. The central part is blue, while the outline is orange. There have been some shifts in the shades of both the colors through the years.