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When the film production company DreamHouse became the sponsor of the New Mexico Bowl in 2019, the logo of the bowl game went through a complete overhaul. It has borrowed a couple of elements from the previous emblems, though.

Meaning and history

New Mexico Bowl Logo history

2006 – 2009

New Mexico Bowl Logo-2006


New Mexico Bowl Logo-2010

2011 – 2014

New Mexico Bowl Logo-2011


New Mexico Bowl Logo-2015

2016 – 2017

New Mexico Bowl Logo-2016

2018 – Today

New Mexico Bowl Logo

The 2018 New Mexico Bowl logo featured the name of the game looking very much like it did on every emblem since 2011. The tops of all the letters form an even line, while the bottom parts of the letters form an arch. Similar to the previous emblems, the letters are yellow on the red background, although the shades are slightly different. You can see the football shape borrowed from the previous logos, yet the “film” heritage is also pretty apparent.