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The International Bowl was an NCAA college American football bowl game held annually in Toronto, Canada, from 2007 to 2010.

Meaning and history

International Bowl logo

The fact that the game was played in Canada was reflected in the International Bowl logo. The red maple leaf has been known as the most universal and best-known symbol of Canada, so using it is the easiest way to refer to the country. Next to the maple leaf, there is an outline of a football looking very elegant and unusual.

The name of the game is given below in a script imitating handwriting. The word “International” is dark blue, while the word “Bowl” is white with dark blue trim.

What is International Bowl?
International Bowl was an annual American football game held in the United States, featuring international teams from various countries. It showcased top-level talent from around the world and provided a platform for international players to compete against NCAA college football teams.