MSI Logo

MSI Logo
Taiwanese information technology corporation Micro-Star International has gone through four distinctive logos throughout its more than 30-year history. The latest version is the most minimalistic one.

Meaning and History logo

MSI Logo history

Micro-Star International was founded in 1986 by five former Sony employees. It opened a plant in Jung-He city in 1997 and went public a year later. In 2000, another plant in Jung-He city started work. By 2008, the company was already among the Top 20 Taiwan Global Brands. MSI is known for its eSports team sponsorship program.


MSI Symbol
The original MSI logo was based on a four-pointed star resembling a wind rose. The name of the company in a square was superimposed on the star. The emblem was black and white. According to the company, the design symbolized its ambition to become a superstar in the microcomputer industry.
The following logo, which was released in 1997, stayed basically the same in terms of the shapes but adopted a new color scheme. Now, the design was blue, while the background was white. The more vivid shade was supposed to represent “modernity,” “vitality,” and “innovative technology.”
The 2004 emblem was a transitional one combining both the star symbol and the wordmark.

The 2009 emblem

MSI Emblem
A much simpler logo features the text “msi” in italicized lowercase letters. According to MSI, the emblem symbolizes “envelope-pushing technology and innovation.”


msi gaming series logo
Since 1997, when the MSI logo went blue for the first time, there’ve been only subtle shifts in the shade of blue without changing the basic color.