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Of course, it is very difficult to cover all emoji from the standard Unicode set, because there are hundreds of them. But we will try. And today we want to talk about icons with the image of lightning. And there are several of them on our gadgets and, strangely enough, they are used in different contexts and have different meanings, so let’s understand.

High Voltage Emoji

⚡ The “High Voltage” emoticon was assigned the code U+26A1, with which it was added to the Places and Travels section of the Unicode 4.0 standard in 2003.

Lightning Emoji

🌩️ The “Lightning” emoticon was assigned the code U+1F329 U+FE0F, with which it was added to the Places and Travel section of the Unicode 7.0 standard in 2014.

Thunderstorm Emoji

⛈️ The “Thunderstorm” emoticon was assigned the code U+26C8 U+FE0F, with which it was added to the Places and Travel section of the Unicode 5.2 standard in 2009.

Meaning of the Lightning Emoji

So, let’s immediately divide the above emoji into two groups, because icons with clouds are usually used in the context of weather and natural phenomena, and yellow lightning is used mostly in figurative meaning. But, about everything in order.

Various ancient cultures often treated lightning as a kind of powerful and expressive force, so its meaning in their symbolism was appropriate. Lightning has always been associated with speed and movement, as well as with the attributes of various gods-thunderers, as well as kings-gods.

In addition, many cultures attributed lightning to some phenomenon that connected heaven and earth, representing the divine will, as well as the creative impulse that moves people and events. Lightning was often associated with omens, it was considered sacred, and the people it struck were said to be marked by the deity himself.

However, lightning in various cultures was not only an expression of divine fury and destructive power. It also had a wholesome meaning, representing the awakening of all life forces.

In mythology, lightning identified with the weapon or hand Thunderer; Hindus saw in it the eye of Shiva, streaming light of truth, and the aborigines of Australia – cosmic erect phallus, but in any case, lightning symbolized divine anger or fertile power, destructive or creative divine power. Lightning was associated with both fire and water, as its discharges are often accompanied by rain. In emblematics at the turn of the XIX – XX centuries was born a new meaning of the ancient symbol.

Turning into an emblem of the revolutionary movement, lightning symbolized the eve of the revolutionary storm, the struggle of revolutionary thought with conservatism, light – with darkness.

During the Second World War, the Nazis, exploiting runic symbolism of victory and death, used a double zigzag lightning as an emblem of select and punitive formations – the SS troops. In world history, the nickname “Lightning” carried some outstanding commanders, whose actions were characterized by swiftness, power and irresistibility.

In the 30-ies of the XX century lightning is included in the emblematics of electrical services, telegraph and radio communications, and since the end of 40-ies it becomes a recognized emblem of communication services in general.

The Use of the Lightning Emoji

So, as you may have already guessed, the lightning emoji is by no means always used as a description of the weather outside the window. Although, of course, it’s still one of the most common variants from the use. However, let’s talk about the others as well.

The emoji with clouds and lightning is a symbol of bad weather or trouble. It is used when you want to show that you are in a bad mood or that you are not having fun. That is, a “storm” can be not only outside the window, but also in the heart and soul.

Lightning is a symbol of energy or speed. It is used to show that you have a lot of energy or to express your quickness in doing something.

The symbol of lightning can mean high voltage and danger of electrocution, and also serve to draw attention to the message. Lightning in ancient cultures symbolizes power, speed, movement and is an attribute of the gods, thunderers, kings of the gods. It symbolizes divine will and creative impulse, transmitted to the earth and becoming the driving force of events and people.

The lightning bolt denotes urgent and important messages that require priority consideration at the post office, in the press, etc.


Today, we have tried our best to acquaint you with all the meanings of the lightning emoji. So, we can summarize it. In the literal sense of the emoji lightning means a natural flash of lightning.

At the household level, this emoticon can be used to denote electricity or electric shock. In a figurative sense, the lightning emoji serves to attract attention to the message. The lightning emoji can signify great power and energy, as well as high emotional tension on a spectrum from love to anger.

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