Kodak Logo

Kodak LogoThe full name of Kodak is Eastman Kodak Company. The US company specializing in imaging products used to be the photography monopolist in the previous century.

Meaning and History logo

Kodak Logo history

The earliest Kodak symbol appeared in 1907. It was a black-and-white insignia “EKC” (that was the name of the company that would later become Kodak) in a circle.
In 1935 the red-and-yellow color scheme was introduced. The logo featured the word “Kodak” (red letters) on the yellow background. The emblem had a landscape shape.
In 1960 the company got rid of the landscape shape in favor of a triangle. The sans-serif type, as well as the color scheme, stayed the same. Yet, because of the new shape the emblem acquired a modern look.
kodak old logo
1971 was the year when the iconic camera-shutter logo was born. Graphic artist C. Peter Oestrich managed to create an image that alluded to Kodak’s technology: the two arms of the “K” character look like beams of light, thus symbolizing the process of photography. In addition to this, there was a big negative “K” character in the emblem, which was hidden from the viewer very much like the FedEx arrow.

Symbol 2006-2015

In 2006 the company opted for a plain red word mark logo, which was designed by Ogilvy & Mather. According to some sources, one of the reasons for this was that the company was trying to look more up-to-date in spite of its worsening financial situation and fierce competition from foreign rivals and digital technology companies.

Current Emblem

Emblem Kodak
In the course of time Kodak seemed to have realized that its widely recognized red-and-yellow symbol deserves a second chance. The design studio Work-Order (New York) was commissioned for making all the necessary updates. Interestingly enough, Kodak didn’t even provide a brief. Designers from Work-Order decided to leave the original rounded-corner rectangular shape and the proportions of the “K” as they were. But now the name of the company was given in capital letters. Also, the characters were stacked vertically, which was supposed to resemble the holes on the ends of a roll of film.


Font of the Kodak Logo
The current version of the Kodak logo features an attractive bold type. The design of the “K” character was taken from the iconic 1971 insignia created by Peter Oestrich.


Color of the Kodak Logo
In 1935 the red-and-yellow color combination appeared in the Kodak emblem for the first time. The red-and-black alternative adopted in 2006 survived not more than a decade, and eventually the company decided to return to its iconic palette.