KitchenAid Logo

KitchenAid logo
Taking into consideration that the US home appliance brand KitchenAid has a hundred-year history, it’s hardly a surprise that the company has gone through several logotypes.

Meaning and History logo

KitchenAid logo

The brand was officially founded in 1919, the same year that its iconic stand mixer was introduced. The idea of the device belonged to Hobart Corporation’s engineer Herbert Johnston. The ten-quart C-10 model of the Stand Mixer was the first machine to bear the KitchenAid logo. Today, the brand is the property of Whirlpool Corporation.

Old symbols

KitchenAid symbols
For most of the time, the logotype was just the wordmark in red. The typeface has been modified more than once, from the elegant script of the earlier versions to the more minimalistic current font. In older logotypes, the trademarked KitchenAid silhouette of the stand mixer could be seen.

Current emblem

KitchenAid emblem
The wordmark features the brand name in red on the white background.


The bold sans serif typeface is a custom artwork. The letters are perfectly legible.