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Junkers is the name of the German company, which was specialized in manufacturing engines for the aircraft industry. The company was established in 1895 and in the first part of its history it was producing radiators and boiling systems. Junkers became a part of Bosch in the 1930s and changed its name to Bosch Thermotechnik in 1995.

Meaning and history

The Junkers’ visual identity was very modern and classy for its time. The triangular brand’s badge looked like a fancy car emblem, representing a powerful and professional company.

The original thermostat’s logo was composed of a triangle pointing down with the wordmark in its upper part and the abstract image in the center. The black triangle had a thin white outline and all the elements placed on it were colored white.

The image of the emblem resembled an abstract human silhouette with its hands spread and the head replaced by a rhombus. It was a very artsy and creative work, which looked sharp and contemporary.

Junkers Emblem

After the acquisition by Bosch, the label redesigned its visual identity to a simpler and more modest one. However, the original triangular shapes remained as the logo’s basis. The new concept depicted an emblem with a bold enlarged wordmark on its right and a delicate tagline.

The emblem now was colored blue with a white vertical arrow, pointing up and crossed by three horizontal lines. The blue and white color palette of the Junkers logo was used by the company during its early years alongside the monochrome version and symbolizes responsibility and reliability of the brand.


The wordmark from the original label’s logo used all capital letters and was written in a simple yet elegant sans-serif typeface, which is Arial. It’s clean smooth lines balanced the sharp emblem and its geometric frame, adding softness and friendliness to the brand.

After the redesign, the nameplate became bigger and thicker. The font was changed from Arial to Helvetica, which was italicized, in order to accent on the company’s progress and a new beginning.

Junkers Logo

The bold Helvetica lettering reflects the authority and traditional approach to the manufacturing process, which guarantees the high quality of the brand’s products.


Junkers is an iconic name in the water boilers’ manufacturing industry. The brand has been on the top of the world’s list of companies in this segment and keeps providing people across the globe with its high-quality boilers and thermostats under the new name.

The brand, named after its founder, Hugo Junkers. Was established at the end of the 19th century, after Hugo patented his first calorimeter. This was the first step to creating a gas-fired bath stove, patented in 1894. And it was actually how the very first water boiler appeared.

The rich history of the brand and its expertise in the heating system industry is a guarantee of the high quality and durability of the branded products. Today the company has a wide range of the different systems available for customers all over the world.

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