Hug Emoji

Hug Emoji
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Emojis depicting hugs are definitely one of the most positive emoji in the Unicode set. There can be no negative emotions and meanings. However, as of 2020, a calmer and gentler symbol has been added to everyone’s favorite shared emoji with outstretched palms, which was approved as part of Unicode version 8.0 in 2015 – two hugging people without faces, drawn in two tones of blue. Let’s figure out in which situation which of the two emoji is better to use.

The Hug Emoji

The Hug emoji is an emoji in the form of a yellow smiling face ready for a symbolic hug, as evidenced by the palms of the hands spread out in different directions. Most likely, initially, you thought that this emoji raises his hands up to show everyone his joy. In fact, this emoticon symbolizes a hug.

This emoji, with its rosy cheeks, reaches out to you and wants to hug you. It is an open, warm gesture and an expression of warmth and friendliness. It can be used to express gratitude, and warm, positive feelings in general. This emoji shows the friendliness of the interlocutor and their willingness or readiness to enclose the person in a hug.

The Hug smiley is useful in those cases when you want to express gratitude, support, and appreciation towards the interlocutor. Or in those situations when you want to demonstrate love and care for a loved one. The Hug Emoji can be used without special reasons – just to express warm and positive feelings.

The People Hugging Emoji

People Hugging Emoji

A newer symbol representing a hug was added to the Unicode set five years after the yellow cheerful emoticon. It was an update for the COVID-19 pandemic, reflecting care and support. This emoji depicts two hugging people without faces, which are drawn with different shades of blue, depending on the platform.

The hugging people emoji is a symbol of affection, love, and support. It can be used to represent a range of emotions and relationships, including happiness, comfort, and congratulations, as well as to say “I’m here for you no matter what happens”. You can also add this emoji with a message to offer comfort and support, in the context of “I’m here if you need someone to talk to”. You can also feel free to use this icon to express gratitude or appreciation.


While the yellow blushing emoji with outstretched palms is obvious, the blue symbol with two people hugging is more meaningful. The Hugging People emoji is not only a cute way to show someone that you want to hug them, But this emoji can also be used if someone is smothering you too much and, while you appreciate it, you need some privacy. So think twice before choosing the right emoji for your message, as it can be interpreted in different ways, even though, Hugging is usually warm and positive.