HTC Logo

HTC Logo
HTC Corporation is a Taiwan-based consumer electronics manufacturer. In spite of its rather young age, the company is on top of its game. In 2011 HTC occupied the 98th line in the list of Best Global Brands provided by Interbrand. The company’s share on the world smartphone market rose from 3 to 7 percent between the fall of 2013 and spring 2015.

Meaning and History logo

HTC logo history

The company was established in 1997. It specialized in making original equipment, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices from this group. Initially its smartphones used Windows Mobile as the base, but in the course of time HTC became one of the founders of the Open Handset Alliance, who created the Android system.


HTC symbol
HTC Corporation has a unique and original logo which is one of the most recognizable emblems in the digital arena. The company’s designers managed to create a logo that stands out in spite of the fact, that there’s not a single image, just letters.


HTC emblem
Like many logos created not that long ago, the HTC logo is absolutely minimalistic. In the basic version, there’s nothing more than the company’s name in a rounded and modern customized font. However, that’s not the only version of the emblem. You may often encounter a version with the tagline “quietly brilliant” below the company’s name.


Colors HTC Logo
A bright, vivid shade of green is used for the HTC Logo. The color is associated with growth, freshness, youth, and nature. The “quietly brilliant” inscription at the bottom is made in black.


Font HTC Logo
From the first glance, the font seems rather simple. Basically, there are only three characters in a minimalistic sans-serif typeface. However, that’s not a regular font, but a customized one. Having a closer look at the insignia, you may notice that the “h” letter is small, while the “T”, that follows it, is capitalized. In spite of this, “T” is smaller than “h” in size, and due to these unusual proportions, the inscription looks fairly original.