Honor Logo

Honor Logo
The logo of the Chinese budget technology brand Honor has a definite tech feel about it. Due to its rounded and sleek shapes, it looks minimalistic and modern (even futuristic).

Meaning and History logo

Honor Logo history

Honor is a sub-brand of the Chinese corporation Huawei. While Honor was officially founded in 2013, the project was actually conceived in late 2011. Today, the brand manufactures a variety of products, from smartphones and tablet computers to wearable technology.


Honor Symbol
The Honor logo features the name of the brand in lowercase letters. All the letters are based on a square shape and have rounded corners and ends. The “h” and “n” have distinctive white gaps breaking each of the glyphs into two parts. The “r” looks somewhat unusual due to the lack of the top left end.

Emblem versions

Honor Emblem
While in most cases, the word “honor” is used as a logo in itself, the emblem may also have a more complex look and include an additional text message. For instance, you can come across the logos comprising lettering “For the brave” and “Powered by Huawei” below the name of the brand.


Honor Logo
Typically, the Honor logo is given in light blue over the white background. The black emblem is almost as popular, while other colors can be used occasionally.