Haier Logo

Haier Logo

Although at first glance, the Haier logotype may seem somewhat plain, if you take a closer look, you will notice the unique features making it recognizable.

Haier logo meaning and history

Haier Logo

The original wordmark introduced in 1991 sported an eye-catching, to say the least of it, shade of pink. The logo included only the company name without any images, yet the last letter actually looked more like a turn of the road than an “r.”

The 2013 symbol Haier

Haier symbol

While preserving the overall looks of its predecessor, the new wordmark included slightly tweaked letters. The “r” became smoother, the  “a” grew larger, the “i” got a circle dot instead of a square one.

Emblem Haier colors

Haier emblem

The dark, saturated shade of blue featured on the Haier logo stands out on the white background.


The wordmark seems to be based on the ITC Avant Garde Demi Bold, which is especially noticeable in the first part of the word. Most letters were tweaked by hand, while the “r” was probably drawn from scratch.

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