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The Internet domain registrar and web hosting company GoDaddy was the sponsor of college football bowl game played in Mobile, Alabama, from 2011 to 2015. During the first three years, the name of the event was Bowl, while in 2014, the “.com” was dropped from it, and the game was renamed to the GoDaddy Bowl. The current name is the Mobile Alabama Bowl.

Meaning and history

GoDaddy Bowl Logo history

2011 – 2013

GoDaddy Bowl Logo-2011
The initial Go Daddy Bowl logo was introduced in 2011 and featured a dark yet bright composition with the solid black horizontally stretched oval in a double black and white outline as the main element. Over the oval, the wordmark in the white bold handwritten font was set, with the caricature of a man on its left, and the yellow “.com” badge on the right. The “Bowl” in the uppercase of a college-style geometric serif font, was set in orange and outlined in black under the banner. The bottom inscription was significantly enlarged compared to the elements of the insignia.


GoDaddy Bowl Logo-2014

The yellow oval with the black “.com” on it was removed from the logo in 2014. All other elements remained in their places but got the contours refined. The green sunglasses of the man from the logo changed their shade to a lighter one, and now we’re drawn in lime green. The orange of the “Bowl” also got a little lighter, which added softness and balance to the intense and dark badge.


Logo GoDaddy Bowl

The first two editions of the GoDaddy Bowl logo were dominated by the logo of its title sponsor. In addition to the name of the company, you could see its emblem – the head of a boy wearing green glasses. On the third logo, which was introduced in 2015, the GoDaddy emblem grew smaller.
In 2015 the logo was redesigned again, and this time the composition was changed dramatically. The shape of the logo turned into a sharp geometric crest, with the emblem and logotype placed on the green background now. The green banner was wide and tall, taking almost all of the black crest, although the small areas on top and bottom remained black. Above the green part, the orange rugby ball in a bold geometric manner was drawn, while under it there was a bold white “Bowl” in a modern and strong square serif font set.