Fujitsu Logo

Fujitsu Logo

While Fujitsu was founded under the name of “Fuji Electric Limited,” its original logo (1935) featured the letters “f” (for “Furukawa”) and “s” (for Siemens – the first syllable sounds as “Ji” in Japanese).

Fujitsu logo meaning and history

Fujitsu Logo

The 1962 version of the logo featured Japanese hieroglyphs in black and white. Ten years later, blue and red were added meaning “peace” and “passion” respectively.

The 1989 symbol Fujitsu

Fujitsu symbol

The infinity symbol that can be seen over the letters “j” and “i” represents infinite possibilities. The same design element is also a symbol for “earth” and “sun.” By using it, the company wanted to emphasize its expansion into the universe.

Emblem Fujitsu colors

Fujitsu emblem

The bright shade of red featured on the Fujitsu logo is supposed to symbolize the company’s enthusiasm for the future, brightness, and approachability.

Font of the Fujitsu Logo

Although the wordmark has been probably drawn by hand, its typeface resembles the Friz Quadrata No2 D font. The letter “U” is different, though.

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