Frigidaire Logo

Frigidaire Logo
The first Frigidaire logotype was introduced in 1918 when the General Motors founder William C. Durant purchased the Guardian Frigerator Company and renamed its “Frigidaire.” The logo featured a crowned letter “F.”

Meaning and History logo

Frigidaire Logo history

In 1955, a script logo was introduced. General Motors sold the brand to Westinghouse in 1979, which, in its turn, sold it to Electrolux in 1986. It was then that a new crown logo was adopted. During the following decades, the Frigidaire experimented with crown emblems until in 2001 it returned to its iconic script wordmark.

The 2009 symbol

Frigidaire symbol
The highlight of the logo is a triangle with red filler. It supposedly symbolizes a cozy home with a lit window. Some designers mentioned that the triangle breaks the brand name into two words, “Frigid” and “Ire”, none of which is likely to attract the products’ target audience – moms.

Emblem colors

Frigidaire emblem
The two main colors of the Frigidaire logo are red (PMS 199C) and grey (PMS 7545C). The background is white. You can also come across logotype versions, where the company name is given in black or dark blue.


The company’s primary font is Gotham, which is the type featured in its logo.