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Etude is a South Korean cosmetics brand renowned for its youthful and playful approach to beauty. Part of the Amorepacific Corporation, this brand specializes in a myriad of makeup products that appeal largely to the younger demographic. Emphasizing vibrant colors and innovative packaging, Etude has expanded its presence beyond Korea, making significant inroads in markets across Asia. The company’s ethos revolves around making beauty fun and accessible, positioning itself as a leading choice for beauty enthusiasts seeking quality with a touch of whimsy.

Meaning and history

Etude Logo history

Established in 1985, Etude started its journey as a cosmetics brand in South Korea, embodying a fun, playful, and youthful essence. Initially, the brand was independent, but it rapidly gained traction in the local market due to its innovative and accessible beauty solutions tailored for the younger demographic.

In 1990, as the brand grew in prominence and expanded its product line, it drew the attention of major corporations. By the end of the decade, Etude became a part of the Amorepacific Corporation, a leading cosmetics conglomerate in South Korea. This merger allowed Etude to leverage Amorepacific’s vast resources, research capabilities, and distribution networks.

Under the aegis of Amorepacific, Etude underwent a significant transformation. The 2000s marked a period of rapid growth and global expansion for the brand. Emphasizing vibrant colors, quirky packaging, and high-quality products, Etude began to set up shop in various international markets, predominantly in Asia.

Throughout the years, there have been shifts in production strategies to align with evolving consumer preferences and global beauty trends. Etude also embraced sustainability, introducing eco-friendly packaging and cruelty-free practices.

The brand’s ownership remained consistent with Amorepacific post-acquisition, and they worked synergistically to bolster Etude’s position both domestically and internationally. Today, Etude stands as a testament to the fusion of innovative beauty solutions with business acumen, having carved a niche for itself in the competitive world of cosmetics.


Etude House Logo old

The logo showcases the words “ETUDE HOUSE” prominently displayed in capital letters, exuding a chic pink hue. Each character is rendered in a bold, modern typeface. Situated right above the word “ETUDE”, there’s a beautifully crafted ornamental motif. This emblem seems to meld a heart shape at its core with spiraling embellishments on either side and a pointed accent at the top, all of which suggests a regal crown or an artistic representation of a heart. The overall visual resonates with elegance, suggesting a brand with a touch of both romance and royalty.


Etude House Logo old

The logo showcases the word “ETUDE” in bold, capital letters with a vibrant pink hue. Each letter exhibits a crisp, contemporary font, lending an air of modernity. Above the central part of the wordmark, there’s an intricate emblem: a symmetrical design that evokes a stylized crown. This emblem incorporates elegant, sweeping curves and a diamond-shaped centerpiece. The overall design effortlessly marries simplicity with sophistication, suggesting refinement and femininity.


Etude House Logo

The font has a contemporary feel, with straight lines and rounded edges, embodying a blend of simplicity and sophistication. The “U” in the word stands out slightly due to its bottom curve, breaking the uniformity of the other letters and adding a touch of flair. The whole design emanates a sense of modern elegance and minimalistic charm.

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