Travel symbols Emojis

For traveling matters, or for describing a flight or a hotel, use the set of buttons from this category. Executed mostly in blue and white, they look very minimalistic and professional, which makes them appropriate to use in work chats and official messages. Here you will find not only graphical icons but also ones with lettering and abbreviations, which can be of great help too.

🌐 Globe With Meridians Circled Latin Capital Letter M🏧 Automated Teller Machine🛂 Passport Control🛃 Customs🛄 Baggage Claim🛅 Left Luggage Wheelchair Symbol🚾 Water Closet🅿 Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter P🚰 Potable Water Symbol🚹 Mens Symbol🚺 Womens Symbol🚼 Baby Symbol🚻 Restroom🚮 Put Litter In Its Place Symbol🎦 Cinema📶 Antenna With Bars🈁 Squared Katakana Koko🆖 Squared Ng🆗 Squared Ok🆙 Squared Up With Exclamation Mark🆒 Squared Cool🆕 Squared New🆓 Squared Free

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