Birds Emojis

Birds usually symbolize freedom and lightness. They can also represent a dream, or to show that you are rushing somewhere or to someone. Birds are graceful and beautiful, but in this collection, you can also find some funny species, which will add a smile and humor to your message. Each bird has its meaning, so choose wisely, as an owl.

🐓 RoosterðŸĶƒ Turkey🕊 Dove of PeaceðŸĶ… EagleðŸĶ† DuckðŸĶ‰ Owl🐔 Chicken🐧 PenguinðŸĶ BirdðŸĪ Baby ChickðŸĢ Hatching ChickðŸĨ Front Facing Baby ChickðŸĶĒ SwanðŸĶĪ DodoðŸŠķ FeatherðŸĶĐ FlamingoðŸĶš PeacockðŸĶœ Parrot

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