I love you Emojis

Hearts in different colors, classic pink icons, kissing faces, and flying hearts — whatever you feel like posting in a love letter you will find here. By the way, the Love Letter emoji also exists. The variety of colors for a heart emoji makes it possible to send this icon not only to your significant other, but also to friends, a kid, or even a colleague.

😍 Smiling Face With Heart Shaped Eyes😻 Smiling Cat Face With Heart Shaped Eyes🥰 Smiling Face With Hearts💑 Couple With Heart💕 Two Hearts🏩 Love Hotel💌 Love Letter Sparkles💞 Revolving Hearts💓 Beating Heart💗 Growing Heart💖 Sparkling Heart💘 Heart With Arrow💝 Heart With Ribbon💟 Heart Decoration❤️ Heavy Black Heart💛 Yellow Heart💚 Green Heart💙 Blue Heart💜 Purple Heart🤎 Brown Heart🤍 White Heart

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