Mammals Emojis

Apart from their direct meanings, the emojis with mammals can replace some of the emotions or feelings. For example, Panda is often used not only as a cutie but also as a sign of tiredness, while a monkey is all about fun and teasing. In this category, you will also find a wide range of full-sized animals from elephants and giraffes, to llamas and gorillas. And of course, a magic unicorn, to post in a message for extra magic!

🐼 Panda Face🐨 Koala🐵 Monkey Face🐒 Monkey🦍 Gorilla🐗 Boar🦄 Unicorn Face🐃 Water Buffalo🐪 Dromedary Camel🐫 Bactrian Camel🐘 Elephant🦌 Deer🦏 Rhinoceros🦓 Zebra🦒 Giraffe🦔 Hedgehog🦧 Orangutan🦬 Bison🦙 Llama🦣 Mammoth🦛 Hippopotamus🦥 Sloth🦘 Kangaroo

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