The animals' emojis can be used for absolutely different messages and situations. As in real life, some animals evoke warm and curly emotions, and others make us terrified and feel endangered. Our emoji list includes all the possible creatures to brighten up your messages.

Farm animals Emojis

🐊 Camel ðŸŦ Camel two hump ðŸĶ™ Llama ðŸī Horse Face ðŸŪ Cow Face🐷 Pig Face🐂 Ox🐄 Cow🐐 Goat🐏 Ram🐑 Sheep🐎 Horse🐖 Pig

Pets Emojis

🐕 DogðŸĐ Poodle🐈 Cat🐇 RabbitðŸķ Dog FaceðŸą Cat Face🐭 Mouse FaceðŸđ Hamster Face🐰 Rabbit FaceðŸĶŪ Guide Dog🐕‍ðŸĶš Service Dog🐈‍⎛ Black Cat

Service Animals Emojis

ðŸĶŪ Guide Dog🐕‍ðŸĶš Service Dog

Rodents Emojis

🐀 Rat🐁 MouseðŸŋ ChipmunkðŸĶ‡ BatðŸĶŦ Beaver

Birds Emojis

🐓 RoosterðŸĶƒ Turkey🕊 Dove of PeaceðŸĶ… EagleðŸĶ† DuckðŸĶ‰ Owl🐔 Chicken🐧 PenguinðŸĶ BirdðŸĪ Baby ChickðŸĢ Hatching ChickðŸĨ Front Facing Baby ChickðŸĶĒ SwanðŸĶĪ DodoðŸŠķ FeatherðŸĶĐ FlamingoðŸĶš PeacockðŸĶœ Parrot

Insects / Spiders Emojis

🐝 Honeybee🐛 Bug🐞 Lady Beetle🐜 Ant🕷 SpiderðŸ•ļ Spider WebðŸĶ‹ ButterflyðŸĶ‚ ScorpionðŸŠē BeetleðŸŠģ CockroachðŸĶŸ Mosquito🊰 Fly

Reptiles / Amphibian / Mollusk Emojis

🐍 SnakeðŸĒ Turtle🐊 Crocodile🐉 DragonðŸē Dragon FaceðŸĶŽ LizardðŸĶ• SauropodðŸĶ– T RexðŸļ Frog Face🐌 SnailðŸĶ‘ Squid🐙 OctopusðŸŠą Worm

Fish / Ocean Animals Emojis

🐠 Tropical Fish🐟 FishðŸĄ Blowfish🐎 DolphinðŸģ Spouting Whale🐋 WhaleðŸĶˆ SharkðŸĶ ShrimpðŸĶ‘ Squid🐙 OctopusðŸĶ€ CrabðŸĶ­ SealðŸŠļ Coral

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