Fantasy Emojis

For the fans of fairytales and fantasy books, we have this Fantasy subcategory full of majestic creatures. With these images, you can create your own story without using a single word! Fairies, vampires, magic mushrooms, and superheroes — switch on your imagination and create your world.

🧙 Mage🧚 Fairy🧛 Vampire🧜 Merperson🧝 Elf🧞 Genie🩾 SuperherođŸŠč Supervillain🔼 Crystal Ball🩄 Unicorn Face🐉 DragonđŸČ Dragon Face🍄 Mushroom🌙 Crescent Moon🕊 Dove of Peace📔 Notebook With Decorative CoverđŸȘ„ Magic Wand

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