Eastern Collegiate Football Conference Logo

Eastern Collegiate Football Conference logoEastern Collegiate Football Conference Logo PNG

While the old Eastern Collegiate Football Conference logo looked more colorful, the current one appears to be more dynamic and sporty.

The emblem used currently was adopted in 2016. It features the lettering “ECFC” in dark blue with white and silver trim. The letters are italicized, which adds some motion. The way the football is positioned in the background serves the same purpose – the football looks as if it has just landed.

Meaning and history

Eastern Collegiate Football Conference Logo history

2009 – 2015

Eastern Collegiate Football Conference Logo-2009
The first badge for Eastern Collegiate Football Conference was introduced in 2009 and featured a calm and simple composition, formed by a graphical emblem with a monogram, and a horizontally stretched rectangular banner with the whole inscription under it. The upper part of the logo contained a light brown-to-beige rugby ball, which was placed horizontally and outlined in thin black. The dark brown “ECFC” monogram was written in the center of the ball in a bold Sans-serif with its massive capital letters outlined in white and black. As for the bottom part of the logo, it was executed in a silver-gray and white color palette and had the capital letters written in a simple yet bold Sans-serif font.

2016 – Today

Eastern Collegiate Football Conference Logo
The redesign of 2016 created a completely new and stylish logo for the conference. It was drawn in a sleek blue; white and gray color palette, with the enlarged and italicized monogram as the main element. The abbreviation was executed in a custom and sharp font and was outlined in white and gray. There was also a graphical element on the new badge — a diagonally placed rugby ball, which was placed at the beginning of the wordmark, slightly behind the first letter. The complete inscription was underlining the main part of the insignias, written in light gray capitals of a traditional Sans-serif font.