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As of 2019, the Camping World Bowl logo has remained virtually unchanged since at least 2017. However, as the history of the annual college football bowl game has been rather long (it started in 1990), it is only natural that it has gone through more than one logo update.

Meaning and history

Logo Camping World Bowl

In the center of the current emblem, there are the words “Camping World” in white. They are placed inside an asymmetrical shape with four acute angles, two obtuse angles, four straight lines, and two curved lines.

On the top, there is a football in flight, while the lettering “Bowl Orlando” is placed below, in between two palm trees.

What is Camping World Bowl?
The Camping World Bowl is an annual college football bowl game held in the United States. It is sponsored by Camping World, a company specializing in RV sales and services. The game features teams from the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and the Big 12 Conference.

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