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While the Commonwealth Coast Conference logo went through a complete overhaul, it has stayed more or less consistent in terms of the palette.

Meaning and history

Commonwealth Coast Conference Logo history

Inaugurated in 1984, the Commonwealth Coast Conference (CCC) emerged from the vision of a group of New England academic institutions, driven by the desire to create a unified body that would oversee and enhance collegiate sports while maintaining a steadfast commitment to academic integrity and the well-rounded development of student-athletes.

As the CCC journeyed through the decades, it distinguished itself by broadening its array of sports, attracting a diverse membership, and maintaining a fine balance between athletic competitiveness and academic excellence. The conference is particularly noted for its initiatives in elevating the standards of sports events, advocating for fair play, and ensuring that athletics serve as a complement to the educational experience of its participants.

In the current landscape of collegiate athletics, the CCC stands as a beacon of holistic athlete development, continuing to uphold its founding principles. Its reputation is anchored in its unwavering dedication to fostering environments where sporting prowess and academic achievement coexist harmoniously, making it a respected entity in the realm of collegiate sports.

What is Commonwealth Coast Conference?
The Commonwealth Coast Conference is an athletic conference comprised of colleges in the Northeastern United States. It focuses on promoting a balance between academic achievement and athletic prowess among its member institutions. The conference organizes a variety of sports events and is known for its commitment to sportsmanship and educational excellence.


Commonwealth Coast Conference Logo old
The old logo was simpler (which is hardly a bad thing). There were four circles placed one over the other. To the right, the lettering “The Commonwealth Coast Conference” could be seen. Although the old emblem contained fewer elements, it was more difficult to grasp because there was no abbreviation, like on the current one.


Commonwealth Coast Conference logo
The current emblem features the letters “CCC” inside an ellipse. On the background, there is a decorative shape. Below the abbreviation, you can see the full name of the conference in white over the dark blue and red banner.

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