The Cleveland Cavaliers, also known as the Cavs, have had several strikingly different logos since they were established in 1970.

Meaning and history CAVS Logo

CAVS Logo history

The original CAVS logo, which was used in 1970-1982, depicted a red musketeer with a big gold basketball at the background. The emblem was encircled by the team’s name.

cleveland cavs logo

The 1983 version was a wordmark logo, in which the letter “V” was also a stylized basketball hoop, with a ball moving into it. In the following version (1993), the wordmark was given under the depiction of a basketball hoop with a ball.

The original sword symbol CAVS

CAVS symbol

Since 2003, the Cleveland Cavaliers logo has been built around a stylized sword. The original emblem featured a sword over a basketball. This image served as a background for the white team name given in a beautiful script. In 2010, the logotype went through a subtle update including a shift in the color palette.

Current emblem CAVS

CAVS emblem

The current logo, created in collaboration with Nike, Inc., was launched prior the 2017/18 season. It depicts a sword going through the letter “C”. The emblem is placed inside a shield shape.

Font of the CAVS Logo

Font CAVS Logo

The wordmark sports a custom typeface, where every letter is unique. The most distinctive letters are probably the first and the last ones.

Color of the CAVS Logo

Color CAVS Logo

Each of the team’s official colors (wine, gold, navy blue, and black) can be seen in its logotype.

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