Cars brands and logos that start with J

Cars that start with J

Besides the famous Jeep, Jaguar and a few others, there’s a plenty of other car brands that start with this letter. It’s mostly popular in English- and German-speaking countries, as well as China.

What supercar starts with J?
Ferrari J50 is a version of the Ferrari 488 sports car. This version is partially a convertible. It’s not a main variation, but one of the experiments – one you can still buy.

What expensive cars start with J?
MG J-Type is an old line of expensive sports cars from the 30s. It was produced by the MG Company – one of the smaller British manufacturers. As of 2021, it’s still active.

What car brands that start with J?
Jaguar is a British car brand. They specialize on luxury cars, although there are also many high-performance models. The usual passenger cars are scarce, but also in production by this company.


logo Jaguar

Jaguar Cars is particularly known for building luxury cars, including crossovers, sports cars and others. It’s a British brand founded in 1935 and is now merged with Land Rover. A jumping jaguar is their go-to emblem.


logo Jeep

Jeep has now become a byword for sturdy off-road vehicles with flat proportions. Historically, it’s a brand owned by Chrysler (now Stellantis) founded in 1943. This brand consists of trucks, off-road cars, pickup trucks, etc. Besides their name written in bold letters, they have no other emblem.

JAC Motors

logo JAC

JAC Motors (aka Anhui Jianghuai) is a Chinese carmaker founded in 1964. Nowadays, it makes compact, subcompact cars, crossovers and minivans, including some electric models.


logo Jawa

JAWA is a Czech company that makes motorcycles since 1929. These motorcycles are typically small, affordable models produced in big numbers.

JBA Motors

logo JBA Motors

JBA Motors is a British carmaker that makes retro cars since 1982. There are three cars in their lineup, and they are all designed as old pre-war vehicles. Internally, these are a mix of sports and luxury cars.


Jeecy-Vea was a Belgian company that existed between 1923 and 1927. Initially, they made motorcycles, but in 1925 they also produced a single light car model.

Jensen Motors

logo Jensen Motors

Jensen was a British carmaker that existed in 1922-2011. Over the years, they’ve created a dozen passenger cars, many of which were grand tourers and sports models of compact size.


logo Jetour

Jetour is a car brand owned by the Chinese Chery Company. These are mainly crossovers built in 7 models since 2018.

Jiangling Motors Corporation

logo Jiangling Motors Corporation

Jiangling Motors Corporation (or JMC) is a Chinese carmaker founded in 1993. Their lineup includes vans, minivans, pickup trucks and some SUVs.


logo Jiotto

Jiotto Caspita is a Japanese sports car produced between 1989 and 1993. It was created by the Dome Company in two variations.


logo Jordan

Jordan Motor Car Company was an American carmaker in 1916-31. They built several luxury vehicles using parts from other car manufacturers.


logo JOSS

Joss JP1 is an Australian supercar designed by enthusiast engineers since 2004. It’s one of the most powerful cars designed in Australia; as of 2016, it entered sales.


logo Josse

Jösse was a Swedish carmaker between 1994 and 2000. The one car they managed to finish was a powerful Indigo 3000 sports car with a Volvo engine and a compact size.


logo Jowett

Jowett Cars was a car manufacturer from Britain in 1906-55. Their lineup included plenty of light passenger cars, as well as some sports models.

JPX do Brasil Ltda.

logo JPX

JPX was a Brazilian car manufacturer between 1992 and 2002. They have only created a handful of models, among which were off-road jeeps and pickup trucks.


logo Juwel

Juwel was a Belgian carmaker between 1923 and 1927. This company didn’t build too many cars, but the finished vehicles included sports cars and racing models.