Cars brands and logos that start with W

Cars that start with W

The letter ‘W’ is surprisingly popular among the smaller and historic brands. It’s not very common when it comes to big modern car manufacturers, however. Most of these brands are from Europe.

What supercar starts with W?
W12 were a line of conceptual sports cars by Volkswagen. Produced in 1997-2001, some versions were made. They didn’t go on sale, ultimately.

What expensive cars start with W?
WRX is a compact car produced by Subaru since 1992. They are ultimately based off Subaru Impact. Except, these cars are more powerful and expensive.

What car brands that start with W?
Wiesmann is one of the smaller German carmakers. It was founded in 1988, and is still active. They mostly make lightweight roadsters and generally high-performance cars.

W Motors

logo W Motors

W Motors is a carmaker from United Arab Emirates founded in 2012. They largely make expensive sports cars for use by wealthy locals.


logo Wallyscar

Wallyscar is a Tunisian carmaker established in 2006. Over the years, they’ve designed several models of mini crossovers meant for off-road use among other things.


logo Waltham

Waltham was an early American car manufacturer in 1893-1910. Their first car was built in 1898, and by the time Waltham was abolished, they’ve designed a handful of electric and diesel cars.


logo Wanderer

Wanderer was one of the four car brands that made up Audi in 1945. The company itself existed since 1896 and mainly made motorcycles, but also some automobiles.


logo Warren-Lambert

Warren-Lambert was one of the early British carmakers. The company was established in 1912 and abolished in 1922. During this time, they’ve designed a number of various cars.


logo Warszawa


Warszawa is a Polish car produced by the state-owned FSO carmaker in 1951-1973. It was a typical passenger car of the day, although a bit costlier than usual cars from the East Bloc.


logo Wartburg

Wartburg was a brand of East German cars produced by VEB Eisenach in 1956-1991. These were primarily compact cars meant for public use.


logo Warwick

Warwick (aka Peerless) is a car made by Peerless Cars in 1957 and through 1960. It was a compact sports vehicle with a typically British look.


logo Wendax

Wendax was a short-lived German carmaker in 1949-1951. In this time, they’ve made one motor trycicle and one compact car model.

Westfield Sportscar

logo Westfield Sportscar

Westfield Sportscars is a carmaker founded in 1982 in United Kingdom. They primarily build modifications of popular racing or sports cars, notably Lotus models.

West Coast Customs

logo West Coast Customs

West Coast Customs is a car designing company, as well as a repair shop from California. It was founded in 1994, and by now WCC has modified and customized cars for many celebrities.

Western Star

logo Western Star

Western Star is an American car manufacturer established in 1967. Currently owned by Daimler, which is to say, Mercedes, this company makes a big portion of the country’s heavy trucks and long haulers.


logo Wiima

Wiima is a mini car designed in Finland in 1957. It was produced until 1958 and was sold in several exemplars, all of which were coupe versions.


logo Wills

Wills Sainte Claire was an American car brand that consisted of several models produced in 1921 to 1927 by Wills and Company. These cars were luxury models and the flagman of said carmaker,



logo Willys

Willys was an American carmaker in 1908-1963. They made a lot of passenger car models, but are primarily known for developing what became the Jeep brand.


logo Willys-Overland
Willys-Overland is the name of a former American car manufacturer, which was established in 1908, and ceased all operations in the middle of the 1970s. In the second half of its history, the company was mainly focused on the Brazilian market, but Willys-Overland is also famous for its World War II Jeep.


logo Winnipeg

Winnipeg Motor Cars was a Canadian carmaker in 1921-23. They’ve developed two complete car models, which were touring vehicles of compact size.


logo Wolseley

Wolseley was a British carmaker active from 1901 to 1975. They built a variety of luxury, sports and generally urban cars in this long time. They were eventually absorbed into Jaguar.


logo Woodill Wildfire

Woodill Wildfire is an American sports car manufactured in 1952-58. Only a handful of these were produced, and they weren’t exactly a cheap bargain.


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