Cars brands and logos that start with I

Cars that start with I

There aren’t too many brands that start with the letter ‘I’. A lot of them make non-passenger vehicles, including trucks, motorcycles and more. But there are big companies, such as Iveco, Isuzu and Infiniti.

What supercar starts with I?
BMW i8 is a hybrid sports car developed in 2013. It’s one of the few successful supercars of such type in the world. And it was specifically designed to look futuristic, too.

What expensive cars start with I?
Infiniti Q and QX series are lines of luxury executive vehicles, mainly crossovers. There are many types, however. Infiniti is a subsidiary of Nissan that specializes in this.

What car brands that start with I?
Isuzu and Iveco are carmakers that produce heavy vehicles, trucks and buses. One is an old Japanese brand, and the other is an Italian maker. In fact, they are amongst the most well-known brands that start with ‘I’.


Logo Infiniti

Infiniti is a Japanese carmaker that exists since 1989. They work under Nissan and mostly make SUVs, sedans and other passenger cars based on Nissan models. Plus, there are some hybrid models in their lineup. Their logo is an oval with an inward crevice in the bottom.


logo Isuzu

Isuzu is a Japanese auto manufacturer active in its current from since 1934. Much of their lineup consists of heavy trucks, light trucks, busses and some SUVs. They mostly use their own name in various styles as an emblem.


Iveco Logo

Iveco is an Italian automotive company operating since 1975. Their primary products are various buses, trucks and various heavy utility vehicles. They don’t have any proper emblem past their name written in metal letters on the vehicle’s front.


logo IAME

Industrias Aeronáuticas y Mecánicas del Estado was an Argentinean automotive company between 1951 and 1979. Their products lineup included compact passenger cars, light trucks, tractors and even motorcycles – a little bit of everything.


logo IDA-Opel

IDA-Opel was a Yugoslav car company between 1977 and 1992. It was a subsidiary of Opel, and as such all of their products were license-built Opel models to be sold in Yugoslav market.

IFR Aspid

logo IFR Aspid

IFR Aspid is a Spanish car designed in 2008 by Aspid. It’s a convertible sports car with distinct protruding wheels that make it look like a race bolide.

IHI Corporation

logo IHI Corporation

IHI Corporation is a Japanese engineering company active since 1853. They didn’t make as many cars, but their operations included making diesel engines for vehicles, as well as many more engineering projects with aircraft, spacecraft, ships and more.


logo IKA

IKA (aka Industrias Kaiser Argentina) was an Argentinean car manufacturer in 1956-70. Mostly they made jeeps, SUVs and some Renault compact cars.


logo IKCO

IKCO (aka Iran Khodro and Iran National) is an Iranian automotive company that exists since 1962. Their lineup includes Iran-assembled French cars and IKCO-made models, such as Samand.


logo Ilinga

Ilinga was an Australian carmaker in 1974-75. They produced just one car, the Ilinga AF2 model, which was supposed to be a premium sports car with a silvery body.

Imperia Automobiles

logo Imperia Automobiles

Imperia Automobiles was a major carmaker from Belgium in 1906-48. Imperia products were for the most part sports or premium vehicles.


logo Imperial

Imperial grew from Chrysler Imperial, a luxury model produced by the latter. It soon became its own brand that was in action between 1955 and 1983. Imperials were long, flat sedans with many variations.


logo Innocenti

Innocenti was an Italian engineering company between 1947 and 1997. They are particularly known for their Lambretta scooters, which for some rivals even Vespa.

Indian Motorcycles

logo Indian Motorcycles

Indian Motorcycles is an American motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1901. Most of their lineup consists of cruiser motorcycles, including some high-performance models.


logo Irizar

The Irizar Company was established in 1889 in Spain. It’s an engineering company that became building buses and bus bodies after some time.


logo International Harverter

International Harverter was an American company founded in 1902 and abolished in 1985. Its primary products were agricultural vehicles, as well as trucks and other heavy machinery.


logo Intermeccanica

Intermeccanica is a Canadian (formerly Italian) automotive company founded in 1959. Their products include sports cars, racing cars and bodies for such cars made for other brands.


logo Invicta

Invicta was a British car brand active since 1925 and periodically until 2012. These cars included luxury vehicles and sports models (especially of late).


logo Iota

Iota P1 was a British racing car designed in 1948. It was a single-seat bolide with open wheels, quite powerful but old-fashioned for its time.


logo Irmscher

Irmscher is a German tuning company that modifies cars since 1968. The lineup includes a lot of Open and Isuzu vehicles with more powerful engines and other changes.


logo Isatis

Sbarro Isatis is a concept sports car created in 1993 by Franco Spatis, an Italian engineer. It wasn’t very successful and didn’t survive more than a few car shows.


logo Isdera

Isdera is a German carmaker active since 1982. The company makes several models of manually built gran tourismo sports cars, including one electric mode, Commendatore GT.


logo Iso

Iso is an Italian carmaker active since 1938 until 1974 and revived in 2017. The cars they made over the years are primarily sports cars, grand tourers and mere passenger sedans.


logo Isotta-Fraschini

Isotta-Fraschini is an Italian car brand that exists since 1900 with a brief interlude in 1999-2000. Isotta products have either been luxury vehicles, racing cars or trucks.


logo Itala

Itala was an Italian carmaker active between 1904 and 1934. The company mostly made racing and touring cars in this period.


logo Italdesign

Italdesign Guigiaro is a major car design company from Italy, founded in 1968. They primarily made & make designs and parts for Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Daewoo, SEAT and other companies.


logo IZh

Lada Izhevsk (aka IZh and IzhAvto) is a Soviet-Russian carmaker owned by AvtoVAZ. It was founded in 1965 and mostly made compact Moskvitch and IZh car brands. Lately, they’ve only been assembling LADA and Nissan vehicles.


logo Ioniq

Ioniq is a South Korean carmaker owned by Hyunday. It was founded in 2020 with the purpose to create fully electric cars, but has thus far designed one SUV prototype.

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