Cars brands and logos that start with D

Cars that start with D

There are plenty of highly prominent automotive manufacturers, whose brands start with the letter ‘D’. Besides Dodge, Dacia and Datsun, however, a lot of smaller-scale producers also named their brands accordingly. Here’s the full list, anyhow.

Cars beginning with D:
There are many popular car models that start with D. It includes Renault Dauphine, Rolls-Royce Dawn, Aston Marin DB11, Iveco Daily and more.


logo Dodge

Dodge is a popular American brand of cars. It was founded in 1900 and became a subsidiary of Chrysler by 1928. Their products include sports cars, vans, light trucks and utility cars. The usual emblem of Dodge is a ram.

Car brands that start with D:
Among the brands, whose names start with D, there are several big companies. It includes Dacia, Dodge, Daimler, Daihatsu and some more.



logo Ducati

Ducati is a producer of motorcycles from Italy, founded in 1926. The company has created a lot of sports motorcycles and high performance models, although there have also been prominent off-road variants. Their badge is a red shield with the brand’s name written in white on it.

European cars that start with the letter D:
Dacia is likely the most popular European brand that starts with D. It’s a Romanian producer of SUVs and compact cars working under Renault.


logo Dacia

Dacia is a Romanian car manufacturer active since 1966. They have been a subsidiary of Renault for a long time one, but the company’s products are still unique and original. Their product line includes mostly vans, compact cars and SUVs.

Asian car names that start with D:
Daihatsu, Datsun, Daewoo are three of the most popular Asian car brands that start with D. There are also plenty of smaller brands named accordingly.


logo Daihatsu

Daihatsu is a Japanese carmaker active since 1951. They make compact cars, mini-SUVs and light vans with modest performance. Their usual emblem is a capital D stretched to extreme width inside a ring frame.


logo Datsun

Datsun is a Japanese carmaker originally founded in 1931, but given its current form in 2013. Before, they made export cars of all sorts. Nowadays, it’s mostly budget cars of small sizes.


logo Dacon

Dacon was a small carmaker from Brazil between 1964 and 1996. Their most prominent products were largely based off the popular German cars imported into the country.

Dadi Auto

logo Dadi Auto

Dadi Auto was an automotive company in 1988-2012. The core of their products consisted of various light trucks, pickup vehicles and utility cars.

Daewoo Motors

logo Daewoo Motors

Daewoo was a prominent South Korean carmaker between 1972 and 2011. Most of vehicles made by them were compact, subcompact and small urban cars.


logo DAF

DAF Trucks is an automotive company from the Netherlands, established in 1928. During 60-80s, they’ve designed several small family cars. Currently, they only produce heavy and light trucks. Tatra is one of their key brands.


logo Dagmar

Dagmar was an early sports car produced between 1922 and 1927. For its time, it had the most audacious design and the best performance out of all cars.


logo Daimler

Daimler is the contemporary name of Mercedes-Benz. The company was established in 1926. Through their iconic Mercedes brand, they’ve sold a lot of good cars. Besides that, there are also brands like Maybach, Daimler Trucks & Daimler Buses.


logo Dakar
Dakar Rally is a classic endurance race, created by the French in 1979. Initially, these were races between Paris and Dakar (in Senegal). Over time, the route covered most countries in Africa.


logo Darracq

Darracq was a French engineering company active between 1896 and 1902. They made early aircraft engines, but also tried building cars, of which they managed to make a few models.

Dartz Motorz Company

logo Dartz Motorz

Dartz is a Latvian carmaker founded in 2008. They’ve largely been developing been SUVs and particularly armored cars, of which there’s one functioning model, T-98.


logo Dauer

Dauer was a German car business that existed from 1987 to 2008. Their work including making powerful racing cars from the usual Porsche models, some of which even won significant prizes (LeMans ’94)

David Brown Automotive

logo David Brown Automotive

David Brown Automotive is a British care manufacturer founded in 2013. Their products are a mix of ‘remastered’ Minis and sports cars of original make.


logo Davis

Davis Motorcar Company was a car manufacturer in 1947-48. Primarily, they built three-wheelers, including a rocket-shaped convertible they called D-2 Divan.


logo Davrian

Davrian was a British car manufacturer between 1965 and 1983. They made hand-built sports cars, which amount to a handful of drivable models.

Daytona Motors

logo Daytona Motors

Dayrona is an English automotive brand active since 1990. They mostly make motorcycles and variation of them, such as karts.


logo DB

DB (Deutsch-Bonnet) was a car manufacturer that existed in 1938-1961. They mostly produced racing cars, including several variations of their iconic Panhard model.

De Dietrich

logo De Dietrich

De DietrichDe Dietrich is a historical French automaking brand, which was established in the very beginning of the 20th century. As he company was specialized in fast touring cars with exquisite interior and exterior design. The models of the brand can still be found in private collections across the globe.

De Dion Bouton

logo De Dion Bouton

De Dion Bouton was a French engineering business that operated between 1883 and 1953. Originally, they made railcars and steam cars, but eventually expanded to tricycles and then to automobiles.

De Lorean

logo De Lorean

De Lorean Motor Company was an American car manufacturer that existed between 1985 and 1972. It’s remembered primarily by the DeLorean – the futuristic sports car with up-doors.

De Soto

logo De Soto

De Soto was a car manufacturer from America that existed between 1928 and 1961. Most of their products were trucks and big, semi-luxury passenger cars.

De Tomaso

logo De Tomaso

De Tomaso is an Italian car manufacturer founded in 1959. They specialize in building sports cars and racing cars, some of which competed in Formula 1.

De Wandre

De Wandre was one of the earlier sports cars, built around 1923 in Belgium. Many parts in it were used from the iconic Ford Model T.

Deep Sanderson

logo Deep Sanderson

Deep Sanderson was a brand of British sports cars active in 60-80s. Most of these models were compact sports cars or small high-performance cars.


logo DeLaChapelle

De La Chapelle is a French sports car brand founded in 1970. DLC models are primarily replicas of Italian sports cars, but there are also at least two original makes.


logo Delage

Delage is a French automotive company founded in 1905 and resurrected in 2019. They mostly made high-class cars and early racing models.


logo Delahaye

Delahaye was a car manufacturer from France that operated between 1894 and 1954. The brand made touring passenger cars, as well as utility vehicles and military cars.


Delecroixe was an early high-performance (for contemporary standards) car from Belgium. It was first released in 1897 and produced for a few following years.


logo Dellow

Dellow cars were a brand of off-road, mud-going sports cars produced in England in 1949-56. 7 drivable models were made in total.


logo Denzel

Denzel was a minor German carmaker that operated in 1948-55. Their cars were primarily high-performance vehicles of compact size.


logo Derby
Derby was a carmaker in France, active between 1921 and 1936. They focused mainly on making cars for racing, as well as typical roadsters.


logo Derways

Derways was a Russian, Chinese-owned company that operated between 2003 and 2019. They mostly made compact cars, SUVs and some sedan models for popular use.

Detroit Electric

logo Detroit Electric

Detroit Electric was a rather popular early electric car produced in 1907-1939 with major success. Most of these had a cubic carriage-like shape.

Devaux Pty Ltd

logo Devaux Pty Ltd

Devaux Pty Ltd is an Australian carmaker. Their most prominent product is a Devaux Coupe vehicle, which is a retro-looking car with a modern, powerful engine.

Devon Motorworks

logo Devon Motorworks

Devon Motorworks was a low-volume car manufacturer from America. They operated in 2008-13 and built high-class sports cars in small quantities.


logo Devrim

Devrim was a first purely Turkish car built in this country. It was released in 1961 in miniscule quantities as a mid-size sedan without many prominent qualities.


logo Diana Motors

Diana Motors was an automotive company from America between 1925 an 1928. Most of these were semi-luxury, high-performance cars with 8-cylinder engines.


logo Diar

Diar is an Iranian car manufacturer founded in 2000. The bulk of their products consist of Chinese-licensed crossovers and utility vehicles.


Diardi is a Turkish car manufacturer active since 1987. They primarily develop and build sports cars using German and Italian parts.

DIM Motor Company

logo DIM Motor Company

DIM Motor Company was a Greek car manufacturer active in the 70s. It’s prominent only for building a compact 2V car called DIM 652, one of the early Greek-built cars.


Dinap was an automotive company from Greece that existed in the 60s. Their primary product was a three-wheeled light truck called Dinap 1200.


logo Diva

Diva was a British car producer in 1961-1966. Their products included sports cars built for motorsport, released in 5 complete models.


logo Dixi

Dixi is trademark of the Automobilwerk Eisenach Company from Germany. This carmaker operated between 1986 and 1991 and is widely known as a manufacturer of Wartburg cars in their later years.


logo DKW

DKW was a major German carmaker founded in 1916. This company built primarily small cars and motorcycles, and they were amongst the four brands that made up Audi in later years.


logo DKW Vemag

Vemag is a German-owned company DKW brand established in Brazil in 1957. Until 1967, they made some German DKW and Volkswagen vehicles for Brazilian consumers.


logo DMC
DeLorean Motor Company was a classic carmaker from the 70s. Active in 1975-1982, their one successful car was a famed DMC DeLorean with gull doors.


logo Dome
Dome is a Japanese carmaker, established in 1975. They busy themselves making racing cars, including several models that competed at Le Mans and Formula One.


logo Dominion Motors

Dominion Motors was a Canadian automaker established in 1931. They are primarily known as manufacturers of the Frontenac cars.

Dongfeng Motor Corporation

logo Dongfeng Motor

Dongfeng Motor Corporation is one of the biggest Chinese carmakers. It was established in 1962. By 2020, they’ve accumulated several prominent car brands that build SUVs, trucks and compact cars.

Donkervoort Automobielen BV

logo Donkervoort Automobielen BV

Donkervoort is a Dutch producer of sports cars, founded in 1978. There have been plenty of Donkervoort cars, most are extremely lightweight models meant for racing.


logo Dort

Dort Motor Car Company was a car manufacturer from USA in 1915-1924. They produced 4 models that were sold at more-or-less an affordable price for the time.

DR Motor Company

logo DR Motor

DR Motor Company is an Italian car constructor founded in 2006. Most DR cars are foreign models (usually Chery) that were modified and converted for Italian market.


logo Dragon

Dragon was an early American producer of high performance cars, active in 1906-08. There have been 3 released touring models.

Du Pont

logo Du Pont

Du Pont Motor was an American car manufacturer in 1919-1931. Besides big passenger cars, they also created naval equipment for the military.

Duesen Bayern

logo Duesen Bayern

Duesen Bayern is a Japanese car tuning business founded in 2001. Their job revolves around modifying the foreign cars and redesigning them with vintage exteriors.


logo Duesenberg

Duesenberg was a car manufacturer from America in 1913-1937. They primarily built racing and touring cars, as well as military equipment.


Dufaux was a car model built in Switzerland in 1904. By the contemporary standards, these cars had extremely powerful engines with 4 and 8 cylinders.


Duplex was an early Canadian automobile created in 1923. Only a few prototypes were made and it never made it to the market.


logo Durant

Durant Motors was an American car brand that operated between 1921 and 1931. Most of their products were touring cars assembled from parts of other makers.


logo Durkopp

Durkopp is a historical German car brand, which has managed to design more than 20 models of vehicles throughout its history. The company specialized not only in the passenger cars, but also in motorcycles. The history of Durkopp dates back to the 1860s, when the sewing machine manufacturing facility was founded. Later the company has changed its specialization to bicycles, and then — to cars.


Duryea is the oldest producer of gasoline-fueled vehicles in America, active in 1895-1915. In this time, they’ve made many tricycles, cyclecars and small compact autos.


logo Dutton

Dutton Cars was a British automotive company active between 1970 and 1989. Their primary products were touring and sports vehicles sold as kit cars.

Dynasty Electric

logo Dynasty Electric
Dynasty Electric is a Canadian manufacturer of electric cars. Their flagman – Dynasty IT – is a compact car, produced since 2001 and onwards.