Famous Car logos with a Crown

Car logos with a crown

Crown is a symbol of royalty, prestige and high class in general. For these reasons, car brands are usually given emblems with just such headwear on them. There are several big names of global renown with just such logotypes.

Toyota Crown (Japan)

Toyota Crown logo

Toyota is one of the most prominent companies in Japan, let alone among car brands. Toyota Crown is one of the core lines of cars this automaker has to offer. It consists of fourteen generations of automobiles (as of 2021), produced since 1955. The body styles and designs varied, but Crowns have always been premium executive vehicles.
The logo varied from generation to generation, nearly always depicting some sort of square crown, either colored golden or silver.

SAAB (Sweden)

Saab logo

SAAB is a Swedish company that mostly deals with aircraft and spacecraft now. Until 2016, there was also a car branch that used the same logo. Swedes are fond of crowns (being an ancient monarchy). The crown on SAAB logotypes was usually situated on the head of a red griffin. This headwear is almost identical to the crown imagery shown on the Sweden’s coat of arms.

Scania (Sweden)

Scania logo

Scania is a big truck and car manufacturer from Sweden. Because of the long-time merger between SAAB and Scania (ended in 1995), they use similar logotypes. The Scania crown is also given to a red griffin, and it’s also very similar to the crowns on the Swedish coat of arms. The only difference is that the modern Scania emblem has a silver headwear, unlike the golden one of SAAB.

Noble (United Kingdom)

Noble logo

Noble is one of the lesser British carmakers. They mostly make expensive supercars in small quantities. One of the brand’s key emblems is a crown made from letters and lines. It depicts two mirrored, capital Ns placed above two horizontal lines and given four dots – each placed above the ends of these letters. The colors are usually black.
Such regal image obviously goes well with their name, ‘Noble’.


Pininfarina Logo

Pininfarina is an Italian company that mostly designs and builds bodies for cars. It’s been doing it since the 1930s, and the list of their products includes many cars by Ferrari, Maserati and other brands. Their long-time emblem depicts a rectangle of white and red with a blue contour and a lowercase ‘f’ of the same color inside.
The crown is located just above. It’s a red-and-blue design inspired, it seems, by the Savoy Crown – the symbol of Italian monarchy.

Alfa Romeo (Italy)

Alfa Romeo logo

Alfa Romeo is a major Italian carmaker. The company was founded in the early 20th century, and they mainly focus on powerful and expensive cars.
The logo they keep using for many decades already is a circle with many Milanese (the brand is from Milan) symbols in it, including the red cross of the city, the Visconti snake and a crown above this serpent. It always looked thin and long, but by the 21st century it’s become white and pretty much just a collection of dots and lines.