Car brands and logos that start with E

Car brands that start with E

There are plenty of carmakers, whose name beings with ‘E’. Despite this, there aren’t too many big brands of such sort. Eagle is the only big manufacturer on the list, and it’s not even a functioning company any longer.


logo Eagle

Eagle was an American car brand that existed between 1988 and 1999. They made various passenger cars, sports cars and luxury vehicles, although there have also been several models borrowed from other brands and slightly modified by Eagle. For most of their existence, they were owned by Chrysler. A black eagle’s head is their usual emblem.


logo Ecosse

Ascari Ecosse is a sports car produced by the British Ascari Cars. It was manufactured in 1998-1999 in several variations.


logo Edfor

Edfor is a Portuguese car brands. It was founded sometime in the 30s, and it’s still active to this day. Most of their products are sports cars.


logo Edran

Edran is a Belgian car manufacturer, established in 1984. They’ve only developed a handful of models – mostly small, high-performance cars.


logo Edsel

Edsel was a short-lived brand of cars produced in the late 50s, owned by Ford. They created several models in a handful of years. Largely, these were big passenger cars and estate cars.


logo EGA

Egyptian-German Automotive Company is a carmaker located in Egypt. It was founded in 1996 as a project of Daimler (so, Mercedes). Since then, EGA mostly makes Mercedes vehicles meant for local sale.

Egy-Tech Engineering

logo Egy-Tech Engineering

Egy-Tech Engineering is an Egyptian carmaker, established in 1997. The bulk of their production is minicars, including three-wheel models.


logo Elcar

Elcar was an American car produced by the Elkhart Carriage in 1916-1931. It was a mildly successful big urban car.

Elcat Automotive

Elcat Automotive was a Finnish car brand active from 1985 until 2002. They made minivans, powered fully by electric engines.


logo Elfin

Elfin is an Australian brand of sports cars, launched in 1959. They’ve made a handful of retro-styled racing and road sports cars since then.


logo Elva

Elva was a British carmaker back in the 50s and 60s. They made a variety of sports cars and racing models, some were somewhat popular in motorsport.


logo ELVO

ELVO is a Greek vehicle company, founded in 1972. This brand mostly makes heavy cars for military, as well as trucks, buses and some passenger cars. Most of these are made under license of other companies.


logo EMF

EMF was an American company that made cars in 1909-12. Their products included some high-performance vehicles, called roadsters and tourers.


logo Emme

Emme is a Brazilian car manufacturer by the Megastar Company from 1997 until 1999. These were big sedan vehicles made using a Lotus V16 engine.

Emporiki Autokiniton

Emporiki Autokiniton was a car company that sold and manufactured cars from 1919 until 1985. The manufacturing efforts began in 1986, and, besides the cars from other brands, they also managed to build a few of their own models.


logo Engesa

Engesa was a Brazilian company that existed between 1963 and 1993. They built passenger cars, but most of their products included trucks and military vehicles for various uses.

Enterra Vipre

logo Enterra Vipre

Enterra Vipre was a Canadian sports car produced in the 80s. These cars were simultaneously luxury vehicles and high-performance models.

Enzmann 506

logo Enzmann 506

Enzmann 506 was a compact car designed in Switzerland. They made these throughout 50s and 60s, combining the insides of a Mercedes Beetle with a custom body.


logo ErAZ

ErAZ (Yerevan Automobile Factory in Russian) was an Armenian carmaker in 1964-2002. They only made a handful of van and minivan models through the years.


logo Eshelman

Eshelman made small vehicles throughout the 50s and 60s. It included scooters, gold carts, compact cars and even bigger models, largely for utility purposes.



logo Gottlob Espenlaub

Gottlob Espenlaub was a German engineer who focused on aircraft projects. However, in the 20-50s he also managed to construct several car models. These included racing cars and some urban passenger cars.


Esther is a historical Swedish automaker, which only existed for a bit more than one year, from 1987 to 1988, and during its short history has managed to assemble more than 40 cars. The company was specialized in the design of sports cars, which resembles the legendary Lotus vehicles.

Eterniti Motors

logo Eterniti Motors

Eterniti Motors is a British car company that existed between 2010 and 2014. They pretty much only finalized one model: a high-performance crossover called Hemera.


logo Etox

Etox is a Turkish car brand, started in 2006. This company primarily focuses on sports cars, of which there’s currently one marketable model.

Eurostar Automobilwerk GesmbH & Co. KG

Eurostar Automobilwerk was an Austrian subsidiary of Mercedes, active between 1990 and 2002. They primarily made Chrysler vehicles for regional markets there.

Everus (Li Nian)

logo Everus
Everus (aka Li Nian) is a Chinese carmaker, established in 2008. It’s a Honda-owned project, and they’ve only built several electric-driven crossovers so far.

Exagon Motors

Exagon Motors is a French racing company. In 2009, they opened a subsidiary with a purpose to create cars for their own use. The first product was a Furtive-eGT, an electric sports car.


logo Excalibur Automotive Corporation

Excalibur Automotive Corporation is an American carmaker, established in the 60s. Since then, they’ve made several retro-inspired luxury vehicles, as well as high-performance models.

Excel Motors Limited

logo Excel Motors

Excel Motors Limited was a short-lived British automaking company , established in 2020 and closed in 2022. The company was specialized in the restyling of famous sports cars, and also worked with the exterior design of the vehicles.


logo Excelsior

Excelsior Motor Company was a British car and motorcycle manufacturer that existed between 1875 and 1964. Motorcycles were a priority, although they also released a total of 5 car models in the 20s.


logo E-z-go

E-Z-GO is a brand of light vehicles, including some gold cars, owned by the Textron Corporation. It was launched in the 60s, and the production is still active.


In this comprehensive exploration of car brands that start with the letter E, we’ve traversed the globe from the bustling streets of London to the vibrant markets of India, uncovering a diverse array of manufacturers that contribute to the rich tapestry of the automotive world. Our journey has taken us through the high-speed lanes of Germany, where the engineering prowess of companies like Eicher Motors merges seamlessly with the luxury and innovation epitomized by brands such as Equus Automotive.

Australia’s contribution, through Elfin Sports Cars, underscores the country’s passion for high-performance vehicles, while Indonesia’s Esemka reminds us of the emerging markets’ growing influence in the automotive industry. From the rugged terrains serviced by ERF Trucks in the UK to the sleek urban designs of Eunos in Japan, this list of car brands showcases the global nature of the car industry, with each brand bringing its unique logo and legacy to the fore.

We’ve seen how manufacturers like Tesla and BMW redefine luxury and technology, while others like Chevrolet and Toyota continue to offer reliability and versatility, from the streets of New York to the highways of Australia. The mention of iconic models like the Escalade and the epic presence of brands like Mercedes-Benz and Lexus enrich our understanding of luxury cars, with each name adding a chapter to the story of automotive excellence.

Commercial vehicles, represented by names such as Eicher Motors and the practicality of SUV models from brands like Kia and Nissan, illustrate the industry’s range from utility to luxury. The inclusion of specific car names, from the adventurous Echo to the elegant Equus, highlights the creativity and innovation that define the automotive sector.

As we conclude our journey through the alphabet of automotive excellence, starting with the letter E, it’s clear that each brand, from AMC to Volkswagen, from Cadillac to Suzuki, contributes a unique strand to the global fabric of the car industry. Whether through the elegance of luxury cars in England or the efficiency of models from Chevrolet and Toyota, this exploration is a testament to the enduring legacy and dynamic future of car manufacturing around the world.