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Biotherm is the name of a skincare brand, which was founded in France in the 1950s, but with the roots traced back to the beginning of the 18th century. Today the brand is owned by L’Oreal and has its facial and body care products distributed all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Biotherm is one of the brands that belong to L’Oréal. The history of Biotherm can be traced back to the early 20th century. Today, it is among the best-known French luxury skincare companies.

The main peculiarity of the French brand is the use of thermal waters and plankton in the production of cosmetics. The resulting products have a positive effect on the skin, penetrating deeply into the cells and gently caring. For the first time, the pure thermal plankton extract from the mountain spring was included in the composition of cosmetics in 1952 this year is considered to be the birth year of the Biotherm brand.

In 1970, the L’Oreal Group bought the Biotherm brand, intrigued by its original approach and the possible potential. Before the takeover, Biotherm was distributed exclusively in France, and after that, it began its rapid expansion in the European, and later — International market.

The Biotherm formulas are super universal and suit all skin types, although the brand has a wide range of products with light and heavy textures, for nourishing and cleaning. In the Biotherm portfolio, one can find absolutely any product to maintain the healthy skin of to fight imperfections.

What is Biotherm?

Biotherm is a luxury skincare brand from France, which was founded by Jos Jullien and Jeanine Marissal. The brand produces cosmetics based on thermal plankton found in the Pyrenees, hence the “therm” part of the name.

In terms of visual identity, the luxury skincare brand is very traditional and conservative. Once the perfect image was found, it has never been changed, just slightly emboldened, showing the growth in confidence and power of the label on the international scene.

???? – Today

Biotherm Logo

The Biotherm logo features a bold upper save logotype in a simple sans serif typeface. What makes the wordmark distinctive is the way the letters “H” and “E” stick together forming a single glyph. These merged letters have been with Biotherm for years, although previous versions of the logo used thinner lines for the lettering.

Earlier the uppercase logotype has always been underlined by a waving line, executed in the same color as the lettering. The line was wide and bold, catching all the attention. Although now the graphical part is used rarely, making the wordmark the hero of the logo.


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