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The Bahamas Bowl is classified as an NCAA Division I FBS college football bowl game. It has been held annually since 2014 in Nassau, Bahamas.

Meaning and history

Bahamas Bowl Logo history

What is the Bahamas Bowl?
Bahamas Bowl is the intercollegiate football bowl game, which was established in 2014. The game is held annually at the Thomas Robinson Stadium in Nassau, Bahamas. The Bahamas Bowl is a part of the NCAA Division I.

2014 – 2016

Bahamas Bowl Logo-2014

The Bahamas Bowl logo, created in 2014, stayed with the league for almost two years and featured a very bright and funny image, with two green palms coming up from the crest with three lines of lettering. The upper line was taken by the sponsor — the orange “Popeyes” had its letters jumping between two palms and above the arched blue and yellow banner with the whole “Bahamas” inscription in it. The bottom part of the badge contained the black serif “Bowl” lettering set above the brown horizontally placed rugby ball.


Bahamas Bowl Logo-2017
The redesign of 2017 removed the “Popeyes” orange logotype from the Bahamas Bowl badge, but keeper all other elements untouched. Now the color palette became calmer and was only based on white, black, green and brown, with the blue and yellow flag elements. The logo was light and fresh and brilliantly represented the summer spirit and playful and happy character of the teams taking part in the competition.

2018 – 2019

Bahamas Bowl Logo 2018

So far, the Bahamas Bowl logo has been pretty consistent in its core, although there have been quite a few subtle modifications. The design has always featured two palm trees on the top and the stylized national flag of the Bahamas in the middle. The lettering “Bahamas” in white is written across the flag.

Below, there is a brown football paired with the word “Bowl.”

The position of the palm trees has changed over time, which can be partly explained by the need to squeeze the name of the sponsor in between.

2020 – Today

Bahamas Bowl logo
The redesign of 2020 removed the “Makers Wanted” part from the upper part of the badge, which made the logo more balanced and cool. The solid green palm now started looking brighter and representing that special island mood and vibe. Another change was about the “Bahamas” lettering, which got a new shade — s light-gray gradient, which made the letters look more voluminous and sleek.