Academy of general dentistry logo

Academy of general dentistry logoAcademy of general dentistry logo

The logo of the Academy of General Dentistry is a sign of one of the most authoritative professional communities providing much needed development for any professional. And both at the level of student training, and training and professional development for professionals.

Meaning and history

Academy of general dentistry logo

In the history of the Academy of General Dentistry logo


Symbol Academy of general dentistry

From the very first version they used a logo with a central letter A, stylized as a road going into the distance. The professional community is precisely such a road leading to a constantly escaping goal – mastery.


Emblem Academy of general dentistry
The basis of the emblem is the stylized central letter “A”. The basis for it is the font writing of the brand.


The font used in the logo is characterized by restraint and at the same time sufficiently smoothed forms. The name of the brand is a 3-line, each line of which (like every line in a stylized “road”) is made in one of the three primary colors of the logo.


Color Academy of general dentistry logo
Initially, a strict black and white logo eventually acquired chromaticity. Today the design is made in several colors – dark gray, graphite, blue and orange. Color diversity symbolizes participants in the educational community – students, interns, young doctors, professionals and craftsmen.

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