Tim logo

Tim logo
One of the most famous logos in the field of innovative telephony is the TIM logo. Energetic and young, this brand positions itself as a dream fulfilled, freedom and desire to improve.

Logo history

Tim logo history

The logo appeared in 1995, simultaneously with the company Telecom Italia Mobile, and since then has been repeatedly changed. But what is surprising – all these changes can be called “cosmetic”. Preserved branded colors (dark blue, red and white, the colors of the Italian flag), and the composition of the image.


Symbol Tim
The original symbol was a red tetragram, placed to the left of the brand’s name. The triple line symbolized the wave – a steady signal, capable of breaking through any obstacles and obstacles. Subsequently, the tetragram changed, and now it is easy enough to read the letter “T”.


Emblem Tim
The original TIM logo had the shape of a flattened rectangle (computer keyboard shape), after 2 years the background was “canceled”, later returned again. And only the last logo, developed already at the beginning of the new millennium (in 2016), appears either in the form of a geometrically regular rectangle, or completely without a color base.


The creators of the logo call their font “humane”. Clear and understandable, without serifs, it is easily read even in the most difficult conditions.


Color Tim logo
The main colors used in the logo are blue, red and white. These are the colors of the Italian flag, which underline the nationality of the brand.