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While the logo of the Southern Athletic Association (SAA) has a pronounced sporty feel, it seems to include virtually nothing to convey the “southern” theme suggested by the name of the organization.

Meaning and history

Logo Southern Athletic Association

The abbreviation “SAA” in blue is placed at the center of the Southern Athletic Association logo. The letters are italicized, which implies motion, and feature distinctive sharp elements on the “A’s.”
The words “Southern Athletic Association,” in smaller white letters, are placed above and below the abbreviation.

In the background, there is a grey ellipse with a 3D white trim.

What is Southern Athletic Association?
Southern Athletic Association is the American intercollegiate sports organization, which was established in 2011, and consists of eight college members, plus two football teams. The association covers 21 sports disciplines and is affiliated with the third division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Font and color

The logo of the Southern Athletic Association has two different lettering parts: one with the “SAA” abbreviation, which is set in a bold custom typeface with sharp triangular serifs, and the second is the “Southern Athletic Association”, written in italicized capital letters in a square sans-serif font, which is very close to Cutmark Demi Italic with its angular contours of most letters, and straight cuts of the bars.

As for the color palette of the Southern Athletic Association badge, it uses a combination of black, gray, and white, which looks modern and professional, evoking a sense of stability and power. The simple and strict color palette of the logo allows to place it on the various backgrounds, and stay visible and recognizable. Plus, the sheep lines of the “SAA” abbreviation look even stronger with the bright contrasting outline.