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The FirstMerit Patriot Bowl was played in 2007–2009 in Cleveland, Ohio, at Browns Stadium as an annual regular-season college football game. While initially, the owners supposed that the bowl game would be held between a Mid-American Conference and a Federal service academy team, the latter did not take part in any games apart from the first one.

Meaning and history

Patriot Bowl Logo history

The Patriot Bowl, a beacon in the realm of collegiate football, emerged from the vision of sports visionaries who wished to intertwine the vigor of football with a salute to American patriotism. This annual event, born out of a passion for both sport and country, has grown from its initial kick-off into a much-revered date on the college football calendar.

As it evolved, the Patriot Bowl has been the scene of numerous historic moments, ranging from nail-biting finishes to awe-inspiring athletic prowess, thus solidifying its place in the annals of college sports. It has become a fertile ground for nurturing future stars of professional football, with many of its alumni ascending to remarkable heights in their subsequent careers.

In its current incarnation, the Patriot Bowl continues to draw crowds and media attention, celebrating the confluence of American sports culture and patriotic spirit. Its role in fostering talent and its dedication to the ethos of American values have made it an enduring and beloved fixture in the collegiate sporting landscape.

What is Patriot Bowl?
What exactly is the Patriot Bowl? More than just a game, it’s a revered annual collegiate football event that celebrates American patriotism and athletic excellence. It has evolved into a crucial juncture in the college sports year, known for showcasing emerging football talent and embodying the spirit of American sportsmanship and values, thus marking its indelible imprint on the fabric of college football.


Patriot Bowl Logo-2007
The very first logo for the Patriot Bowl was introduced in 2007, right before the inaugural season of the league. A white horizontally oriented ellipsoid in a thick blue outline had an enlarged rugby ball overlapping its right part, a golden five-pointed star with a ribbon on the upper part of the frame, and a black banner at the bottom. The rugby ball boasted a red, blue, and white pattern of the National American flag, the golden ribbon — the cursive black “Inaugural” lettering, and the black banner had the gold serif “Patriot Bowl” in all capitals set on it. The main part of the logo was taken by a blue First Merit logotype with a geometric blue and gold emblem above it, and a golden cursive lettering with a datemark set under it.


Patriot Bowl Logo

The patriotic theme was very obvious in the FirstMerit Patriot Bowl logo. To begin with, the palette was dominated by the colors of the Flag of the United States, although the designers experimented with the shades and gradient. The two main patterns were also borrowed from the US Flag.