NeXT Logo

NeXT Logo
Created by Steve Jobs in 1985, NeXT specialized in designing and manufacturing computer workstations for educational establishments and business.

NeXT Logo Meaning and history

Logo NeXT

The author of the NeXT logo was the well-known graphic designer Paul Rand. He was commissioned for this task by Steve Jobs in 1986. As a result of a long work, a 20-page brochure was created, in which each and every detail concerning the brand was described. Rand even noted the precise angle the emblem should feature (28°).

Font of the NeXT Logo

The wordmark is very clear and sleek. All the characters look square. Two of them are definitely capitalized (“N” and “T”), while the “E” character is lowercased.

Color of the NeXT Logo

Color NeXT Logo
The neon shades of green and pink look incredibly bright against the black background. Red and yellow letters also create a remarkable contrast with the background. The overall effect is fresh, bright, and unique.