Most Famous Logos With a Kangaroo

Most Famous Logos With a Kangaroo

Today most large companies and brands use abstract and geometric symbols for their visual identity, trying to show their uniqueness and progressiveness. The logos with animalistic and floral motives are receding into the background. Although some companies and organizations are strongly associated with animal mascots, and keep this symbolism in their newest versions.

In this article, we are going to have a closer look at the visual identities of the brands, which chose a Kangaroo as their main symbol. There is no surprise, that most of the names in the list will be from Australia, although you will also see a couple of brands from other countries. All names in our list are arranged in alphabetical order.

Akron Zips

Logo Akron Zips

Akron Zips is the name of an athletic program from the University of Akron, Ohio. The team has chosen a kangaroo as its mascot many years ago, as a representation of strength and determination. The logo of the program is composed of a bold italicized capital “A” in a double dark blue and gold outline, slanted to the right and overlapped by a stylized modern image of a kangaroo’s head, drawn in profile, facing to the right. The animal is drawn in solid blue, with small gold and white details.

Australia National Brand

Logo Australia national brand

Australia’s Nation Brand was created in 2022, to promote the country to the world, showing its facilities, services, and products. The brand got its logo designed in the same year, and, of course, an image of a kangaroo is its inevitable part. The badge is composed of a minimalistic stylized image of an animal, drawn in smooth and shiny gold lines above the uppercase black lettering in a stable geometric sans-serif typeface. The animal looks very modern and sleek, elevating the while badge.

Australian AirLines

Logo Australian Airlines

Australian Airlines is the name of a defunct air carrier, which was operating in Australia for just five years, at the beginning of the 2000s. The logo of the company featured a cool and bright image, composed of a solid black kangaroo silhouette in smooth rounded lines, outlined in red, and surrounded by many solid red dots, places around the contour of the animal, and going to the left, adding a sense of speed and motion. The badge looked very stylish and contemporary, with its powerful color palette making it bright and confident.

Australian Government

Logo Australian Government

The Australian Government also has its logo. The heraldic and elegant composition boasts a classic crest with a white background and small colorful elements as the center of the structure. The crest has large orange and brown image of a kangaroo on its left, and a gray emu bird on the right. These two animals are National symbols of the country, and support the central element of the visual identity, with several heraldic crosses and images, representing Australia’s six states. The whole logo is decorated with elegant green floral branches.


Logo Deliveroo

Deliveroo is an online platform for food delivery, which was established in Great Britain in 2013. Today the service with a kangaroo in the name and logo, operates worldwide, bringing food to people in more than ten countries, including Australia. The logo of Deliveroo is set in bright and delightful turquoise and white palette, with the white cartoonish kangaroo in a delicate black outline, placed over a solid turquoise roundel. The animal on the badge is holding a white paper bag.


Logo KangaRoos

KangaRoos, a footwear brand from the United States, was established at the beginning of the 1980s, and, regarding the name of the company, has always had a depiction of a Kangaroo in its visual identity. The current KangaROOS logo is composed of bold and heavy sans-serif lettering in solid black, with the first part in the title case, and the second — capitalized. The black silhouette of a kangaroo, jumping to the right, is drawn in smooth lines above the “ROOS” part of the inscription. The badge looks pretty simple and laconic, although the bold lines make it powerful and confident.


Logo Qantas

Qantas is one more air carrier from Australia, the largest in its country. The company, established in 1920, has flights to more than 80 destinations worldwide; and its bright and minimalistic logo is recognized all over the globe. The badge of Qantas is composed of a smooth custom uppercase lettering in bold black lines and slightly slanted characters, accompanied by a solid red emblem, featuring the shape of a plane’s tail, with the white silhouette of a kangaroo, facing right.

UMKC Kangaroos

Logo UMKC Kangaroos

UMKC Kangaroos is the name of an athletic program from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, which has chosen a kangaroo as its mascot and a symbol of its power. The animal in this logo is drawn in a cool caricaturish style, in yellow and blue. It is wearing a branded long-sleeved jersey with the team’s symbolics, and running forward, at the spectator. The graphical emblem is accompanied by a bold yellow “Kansas City” lettering in a custom font with small sharp serifs on the amends of thick straight bars.


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